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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair from the body has always been a challenge for women all over the world. Several methods have been used, but none of them is perfect. You might shave everything, and still, hair will regrow within days. And you might use depilatory creams, but they create a mess and a bad smell. You might prefer sugaring or waxing to stop hair from growing back for a while but are you ready to bear all that pain?

Pulling hair creates a lot of pain and waxing can cause itching as well. All these methods don’t seem to be satisfactory if you want smooth skin for a longer time. Therefore, Laser hair removal Treatment in Dubai was introduced as another alternative.

Here is what you should know about laser hair removal method!

What is Laser Hair Removal?

It is a very famous semi-permanent hair removal procedure that tends to damage the hair follicle in order to reduce hair growth. The laser used for this treatment finds the hair by focusing on the pigment cells which are located inside hair follicles.

Once the laser targets the melanin pigment, it burns the hair follicle including roots. In this way, you can get rid of all the razors, and you won’t have to go through the pain of waxing as well.

Laser Hair Removal for Women

Every woman wants to get rid of the unwanted hairs on the body. Different methods are used for removing unwanted hair from various body parts. Most women shave their legs daily while others opt for waxing weekly or fortnightly. While some women also utilize chemical depilatories or epilators for removing hair. These  hair removal methods do exist but none of these are effective as laser treatment. It damages the hair follicles instead of just breaking it. Therefore, laser treatments yield more permanent results than any other hair removal treatment.

How does laser hair removal work?

The laser hair removal is not a difficult one. It uses high-intensity laser beams to target the pigment in hair follicles. The laser beam targets individual hair follicles. Laser beams travel from the hair shaft to the follicle. Laser light destroys the follicle due to its heating mechanism.

The destruction of hair follicles determines the permanence of laser hair removal. The growth cycle of hair involves three phases:

  • Resting
  • Shedding
  • Growing

Not all hair strands are in the same phase at the time of laser treatment. Moreover, the laser beams cannot remove hair in the resting stage because they’re not visible. So, the resting phase’s hair will have to grow enough to be removed using a laser beam. To get results about 2-3 sessions require. Otherwise, the results will be semi-permanent, and hair will regrow with time.

Does Laser Hair Removal Give Permanent Results?

Mostly, laser treatments in Dubai yield permanent results. For the results to be permanent, there is only one condition. If the hair follicle is damaged, it will not grow back, which means the its results are permanent.

However, in some cases, people experience hair regrowth after the treatment. It is expected if the hair follicles aren’t destroyed completely. In this case, follow-up sessions may be required to remove all unwanted hair altogether.

If people, especially men, experience hair regrowth after laser hair removal in Dubai for men, its number and texture will differ. The reason is that lasers may not destroy it entirely, but they will still damage it. So, some people don’t bother about such unnoticeable hair and don’t undergo another session. On the other hand, others want entirely hairless skin, so they undergo more sessions until they achieve their desired results.

In a nutshell, most people experience some amount of regrowth after a treatment. However, the intensity of regrowth depends on several factors like the surgeon’s expertise and hair texture.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Generally, the results of Dubai laser hair removal are permanent if the hair follicle is destroyed. However, if the follicle is only damaged, it will regrow.

According to different reports, when all sessions are finished, the results will last for at least two years. Sometimes, the results even last longer than that. After two years, you may require follow-up sessions to keep enjoying the smooth and hairless skin.


Among all the hair removal methods, laser hair removal is the most preferable one because;

  • It reduces the growth of hair drastically to a point where you don’t have to shave your body.
  • It can be administered anywhere on the body like legs, arms, bikini line and underarms etc. The laser machine can cover large areas well and quickly.
  • It has a lot of precision, like even the darkest and rough hair on the body can also be removed without damaging the skin.
  • It is pain-free and medically a safe procedure. The surgeons use ice to numb the targeted area before and after the laser treatment.
  • It produces permanent results in patients who undergo multiple sessions of the treatment.
  • As compared to other hair removal methods, laser hair removal is comparatively swift. It removes facial hair within minutes.


The cost of the treatment varies because it depends on different factors. On average, the estimated price of the treatment lies between 5000-6000 AED for a full body. The factors on which the cost depends are;

  • The area being treated and the time required.
  • Number of sessions required
  • The experience of the surgeon
  • The region in which you are having the procedure


So it was all about laser hair removal. It is one of the best hair removal methods introduced so far. You no longer have to take waxing appointments every two weeks. Moreover, you will not have to endure all that pain. However, you must find a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai for this purpose. Only under the supervision of qualified surgeons, you can enjoy the best results of the treatment. Otherwise, the chances of risks and complications may increase. Say Goodbye to all the painful methods and get a perfectly smooth skin through laser hair removal.
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