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Everything that you need to know about the OpenCart Gift the Product Extension

Knowband’s OpenCart Gift the Product Extension is a useful and practical tool. Furthermore, you can simply install it on your eCommerce site and begin giving away free things as presents to your consumers. Indeed, you can encourage your consumers to raise the value of their order by utilizing the Knowband OpenCart gift product. How? This is something we’ll discuss in this blog.

In this article, we’ll look at how the OpenCart freebie extension works. In fact, we’ll look at how the OpenCart gift module might help your company. Further, we’ll go forth and check the stunning features of the module.

The OpenCart gift product extension’s functioning

The administrator of the Knowband OpenCart gift module can give away free items to customers. He can also use the extension’s backend to set up certain rules. When a customer’s cart value hits that threshold, he or she can pick from a range of freebies. As a consequence, consumers like shopping at your online store.

Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of the Knowband OpenCart marketing gift.

What are the advantages of the OpenCart free gift extension?

Customer involvement increases in the store – thanks to the OpenCart gift the product extension

Customer involvement takes place in a variety of ways. Providing freebies is undoubtedly one of them. Shoppers, without a doubt, enjoy receiving free gifts with their orders. Additionally, the OpenCart plugin encourages and assists customers in better engaging with the shop. How? By allowing them to shop and browse more. Why? To receive a better present in exchange for their buy.

  • The OpenCart gift product aids in increasing sales and earnings

Customers are happy when they discover that by increasing their cart value, they can obtain better presents. Furthermore, the admin can assist in increasing the store’s sales and income by utilizing the OpenCart freebie extension. The admin can list the rules from the backend. For example, there are presents under $500, gifts under $100, and so forth. Furthermore, shoppers get freebies whenever their cart value hits this threshold. As a result, sales and revenues will rise.

  • The simplicity with which a free item’s capabilities can be provided on the front end

Knowband’s OpenCart gift module is a very basic plugin with very stunning features. You can also install and configure the OpenCart promotion gift with ease. In reality, after the setting is complete, you can simply enable the OpenCart module’s functionality for consumers. As a result, it’s simple to give your consumers a free present when they make a purchase.

  • The OpenCart free gift extension is easily customizable

A few tweaks are required for each module. Furthermore, the appearance and feel of a few components require tweaking. As a result, this add-on is one of them. The style and feel are easily customizable by the administrator. For example, he can customize the front-end layout of the freebies area. Furthermore, he has the authority to choose the number of goods that should be included in the section. As a result, he has complete control over how the freebies section appears on the front end.

Striking highlights of the OpenCart reward gift by Knowband

Various styles for showing the freebies are available

The OpenCart product purchase reward comes with two distinct admin layouts. He can also quickly change the layout of the module from the backend if he believes it’s appropriate. In actuality, there are two options: a slider listing and a standard product listing. While perusing the gift section on the previous layout, the goods would slide. Furthermore, the items in the second selection will be static or normal.

The goods on the show are diverse

On the front end, the admin can choose which goods appear in the gift area. In reality, the administrator can choose the presents from the backend with ease. Furthermore, display the same in front of the store for customers to pick from. In addition, the administrator might choose alternatives that consumers would like receiving as gifts.

The number of things available as presents is customizable 

The admin can choose the number of presents that should be offered on the front end using the OpenCart gift the product extension. He also has the option of deciding whether the segment should include two presents or more. In fact, the more options available to clients, the better.

The OpenCart gift the product extension permits you to improve the worth of your cart

Customers are encouraged to enhance the cart value in order to receive a more valuable gift by using the Opencart plugin. Furthermore, as I previously stated, the administrator can provide different presents based on the worth of the cart. As a result, shoppers feel obligated to accept numerous presents in exchange for a larger cart value. Furthermore, I would like to pay more in order to obtain specific rewards.

The OpenCart gift product is mobile-friendly

The OpenCart gift product is responsive to mobile devices. As a result, users can quickly view all of the site’s information on a variety of screen sizes.

Multiple languages and stores are supported with the OpenCart free gift plugin

Many stores are compatible with the OpenCart freebie extension. It also works with multilingual stores.

Let us Wind Up!

Knowband’s OpenCart gift the product extension assists the administrator in increasing sales and revenues. Furthermore, the administrator might simply offer consumers free things in exchange for their orders. In fact, the better the free goods, the greater the cart value. Customers also have the option of selecting from a number of items. As a result, buyers are pleased with their purchase. Furthermore, the administrator is pleased with the level of client participation.

So, what do you think of the OpenCart product purchase reward extension by Knowband? Further, the plugin by the company aims at helping your eCommerce store. In case you have any doubts, let us know at support@knowband.com. Further, you can even check out the website to find the Demo versions and User Manual for a better understanding. Also, check out the stunning deals to save some more money while buying the module from Knowband.

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