Animal lovers and conservationists gather: May 21 is National Endangered Species Day. This is a day to look at the growth of certain animals and work together to help. Conservation did not come to fruition until the mid-1800s. America’s Endangered Species Act of 1973 raised the conservation of domestic and foreign animals by providing a framework for protection.

Even today some continue to criticize human efforts to make the world a safer place. They say that natural selection should determine the species that live or die. But let us remember that humans have an unprecedented impact on the lives of animals, which can have far-reaching effects on the lives of other animals.

A history of the endangered species:

Since time immemorial, species have become endangered. Perhaps the first and most widely studied extinction in history is that of dinosaurs. However, the most endangered species are those that still exist in the world today, but they may not be as long as appropriate measures are taken.

The International Union determines the nature of the ‘risk’ of Conservation. According to the IUCN, at least 40% of animals, insects, and plants are at risk of extinction worldwide.

Other ways to help endangered species include captive breeding, which sees endangered or endangered species being encouraged to breed in order to improve their numbers in the wild.

The reasons for the risk are varied – these may be environmental changes, predatory hunting, poaching, alteration or destruction of human habitations, or natural disasters, to name a few.

The first day of the Endangered Species was held in 2006, but there has been a formal recognition of the matter much longer. Laws have been in the literature for more than 40 years designed to protect biodiversity.The law prohibits economic development if it puts an end to certain species.

Many conditions also prevent people from developing areas of special ecological value, such as bird sanctuaries and diversified wetlands.

At its root, Endangered Species Day is designed to help people learn more about the world’s environmental problems today. It’s not about getting into people’s faces or even into enthusiasm. Instead, come together to find creative, effective ways to solve the natural problems we have and protect the natural world. After all, we should all live in it!

The organizers of the day celebrate it with various social and online events. Often, there is a reading of stories from popular children’s books about the importance of identifying endangered species.

How to celebrate the day of the endangered species?

There are always many wildlife conservation services participating in Endangered Species Day, which often hosts information events for children and adults or working days to help support the conservation of nature.
If you are a local celebrity, be sure to meet your kids and learn about the efforts of strange and amazing creatures like these trying to save.

Or take the time to learn about some of the species that are on the verge of extinction. If you can go to a zoo that has some of these species cared for, be sure to plan a visit with your family.

Make sure you use the hashtag #endangeredspeciesday on social media and be sure to share photos of some of the biggest and most critical critics at risk of gaining public attention!

You can show your support for wildlife conservation efforts around the world through official channels as well. For example, you can join millions of people who are already members of the Wildlife Federation.

You can also do small things like updating your Facebook profile cover photo with your favorite types at risk. When people ask you why you made this change, you can tell them you are celebrating Specangered Species Day and part of a global conservation effort.

The bottom line is: the more we take care of all the species of our planet, the better it will be. And that is what makes this particular day of the year so special.


Make a donation:

There are thousands of community-based organizations dedicated to the preservation of endangered species, and all can use your help. These organizations also exist at national and local levels too, so you can choose how far your money goes.

Volunteer at a local environmental center:

If you can save time, find a nature center near you and volunteer. Take the opportunity to learn something new about the beautiful planet we live in, and learn how you can be confident in the future. Many natural resources provide helpful literature, and those who work there are always ready to have the opportunity to speak about their work. If you have a passion for volunteering it can become a common hobby

Take a nature trip:

Take time to National Endangered Species Day to see for yourself what the natural world looks like, right in your backyard. See if you can see all the creatures that make their homes with you, and try to find the best way to help your environment work.


A healthy planet:

Each animal is an important link in its diet. Removing any link has catastrophic consequences for other animals, humans, and the world. The key to ensuring that human history continues to ensure that we live on a healthy planet, and in order to do that, we must allow other animals to live and thrive with us

Bald eagles: A story of success

Pesticide DDT was once a threat to bald American eagle eagles. The United States banned DDT in 1972. The Endangered Species Act came into effect the following year. Bald eagles recovered in 2007 and are no longer on the endangered list.


When it comes to studying diseases or biology or natural history, it is not enough to study fossils and other people. Studying animals that share our planet allows us to build a deeper understanding of how life works. If the human race were to end. There would be no real way for us to truly understand how it affected the planet. After all, dodo saliva could have been used as a natural anti-depressant, but since they all died hundreds of years ago, we will never know for sure.


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