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Enlighten versus Zoom: Everything You need to Know about New Teeth Whitening Treatments

Enlighten versus Zoom

Do you want to restore the colour of your natural teeth? If yes, then the two latest treatments promise you to get back whiter and brighter teeth for your attractive smile. When discussing about whitening procedure, it is extremely important to know which kind of process will be suitable for your case. You need to talk to a dentist and ask whether at-home kit or whitening treatment at the dentals urgeon’s clinic might fulfill your requirement.

Enlighten teeth whitening


  • You can lighten your teeth by almost 16 shades that you cannot get by any other system in the entire world. This won’t cause any kind of damage to your teeth.
  • You may top up at your home according to your convenient time. All you need to do is purchase a serum gel tube and dab it onto your mouth guard. You have to sleep by wearing your mouth guard for a few nights. Thus, your teeth will appear whiter again.
  • Your teeth color is meant to last for almost four to five years this way
  • The treatment works within a few days and you will find the difference in your teeth by controlling the colouring. In case you are looking for natural shade, your dentist will help to get it.


  • It requires almost three weeks from the first dentist’s appointment after which a mould will be formed. Then you will need two plastic mouth guards that will o fit properly over the teeth. You have to take it home and use two green serum and clear serum tubes, and sleep with them for at least two weeks. Finally, you need to undergo a laser procedure that can seal in bright whiter shade.
  • You will face some kind of sensitivity though you are given anti-sensitivity toothpaste during the procedure to ease the pain. When you sleep with the trays, you might wake up and find that the teeth have been dried out.
  • You can’t drink black coffee, red wine or eat tomato as these have strong colours during the treatment.

Zoom teeth whitening


You need to undergo a treatment from your dentist at the clinic. This will make your teeth appear lighter by at least five to six shades so it will be great when you require a top up. If you need a quick fix for your dental problems, then the latest technology is considered to be the easiest way for getting your teeth whitened. You require one hour and a hour only for the treatment after which you can restore brighter and whiter shade.


There will be a rubber dam applied on your lips and mouth and then a bleaching product with UV light onto the teeth for activating it.

It requires nearly three or four 15 minutes and so, it is an uneasy process. The gel will be applied and UV light gets activated after15 minutes it will be switched off and your teeth will be cleaned before starting again and repeating it for several times.

Your teeth will appear whiter and brighter for almost one year after which you may require another top up session from the dentist.

You can visit at www.london-teeth-whitening.co.uk to book a free consultation for teeth whitening in London and restore the colour of your teeth by a few shades. This can help to improve your appearance and restore attractive smile.

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