Engineering Explained: Everything You Need To Know About Summer, Winter & All-Season Tyres

Tyres are arguably the most underrated part of the vehicle. At times, we are surprised seeing people overlook the only part of their car that makes contact with the road.

Tires are arguably the most underrated part of the vehicle. At times, we are surprised seeing people overlook the only part of their car that makes contact with the road. 

Driving a car that has tyres in bad conditions is like driving a car without brakes. Yet, many people ignore them, and we see numerous accidents each year.  

The automobile industry has evolved and with the evolution of the industry, tyre engineering has also come really far. Now, there are hundreds of tyre categories that are available. Each with a different purpose. From ultra-high-performance tyres to light truck tyres, there are different sets of rubbers for each type of vehicle. 

So, let take a look at some of the most popular tyres available in the market:  

Winter Tires 

For a driver who lives in a city that sees a lot of snowfall, winter tyres are essential. These have a heavy tread pattern with large gaps that push the snow away from the way. These are engineered in a way that provides enhanced traction on ice and wet conditions. If you have mounted Ultra-high-performance summer tyres in your car then you will have to switch to winter tyres as soon the winter arrives since the former cannot survive cold temperature. 

There are small zig-zag sipes in winter tyres which enhance the traction.   

One thing you need to keep in mind is that just like summer tyres, winter tyres don’t work well in hot weather. The unique tread pattern that grips the ice in winter starts to tear when the climate reaches 40 degrees or above.  

Winter tyres are less durable than all-season tyres due to their aggressive tread pattern and produce more noise. 

All-Season Tires 

Offering optimal traction in different weather is what makes all-season tyres so popular. Most of the brand-new vehicles come with all-season tyres. The tread pattern is neither so smooth and even like summer tyres, nor it is heavy and aggressive like winter tyres. It lies somewhere in between. This versatility enables the tyre to last much longer than its two other counterparts.  

The cost of maintenance is also reduced since you don’t have to change your tyres as the weather changes. But keep in mind, all-season tyres are a compromise. It is jack-of-all-weathers. When it comes to hydroplaning, all-season tyres have enhanced capability due to deeper tread.  

Summer Tyres 

Summer tyres are purely made for warm and dry conditions. While these can also perform in wet conditions, summer tyres offer exceptional performance on roads and highway because of their soft rubber tread.  

These are mostly fitted into high-performance cars. Another reason they are considered by high-performance car owners is due to their exemplary handling and cornering power.  

Within the summer tyres, you are going to find different types of tyres. Two most popular types are: 

  • Ultra High-Performance Summer Tyres 
  • High-Performance Summer Tyres 

Off-Road Tyres 

As the name suggests, off-road tyres are the ultimate adventure tyre that can bite into the dirt, channel the mud and grip the sand. These are mostly used in 4×4 vehicles which have powerful suspensions and the ability to cross the toughest of the terrains. 

If you want to buy a pair of off-road tyres, you will mostly find the sizes for SUVs or trucks. SUV tyres and off-road tyres are not the same. You can consider off-road tyres a speciality within SUV tyre. These are larger in size and mostly fit into the tall vehicle. You will mostly come across off-road tyres when you go after SUV tyres for sale; the reason being that most of the production is done for SUV tyre sizes. 

With so many pros, there is also a con. You cannot drive with these tyres on highways or roads because they produce deafening noise.  Also, the high rolling resistance causes it to eat more fuel. If you frequently use off-road tyres to commute on well-paved surfaces, the tread will wear out quickly. 

For those adventurous drivers who enjoy going on off-road challenges, this is the perfect set of rubber. 

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