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Empyrean Kedarnath Temple – Experience The Secret Of Kedarnath While Traveling

Empyrean Kedarnath Temple

In this article I am sharing the spiritual secrets of Kedarnath so you can experience the power of god there while traveling. Kedarnath trip is a very beautiful trip should visit a once in life. Kedarnath is one of the most beautiful destinations from of the Char Dham Yatra. After reading this article you can feel all the things mentioned below in your trip. Book the best char dham yatra package from delhi and enjoy the secret of spiritual there. In this article I am only talking about one destination of the this beautiful Yatra.

12 Jyotirlingams In India

Housing one of the 12 Jyotirlingams in India, the extremely renowned Kedarnath Temple has numerous credits to its magnificence. During the most terrible 2013 landslide and floods in the area, how the temple withstood the harsh natural disaster without even a slight crack in its structure is still a subject of speculating even to geologists and architects. In India, Hindu of temple architects of the Vedic era uses a Vedic temple design based on Vastu Shastra. A temple which is built with Vastu Shastra is a source of good and positive energies. Good Vastu can magnetize all positive energies and divine powers towards the place. This is the only secret which helps us to live our life in a positive environment. Let’s see more about the empyrean Kedarnath temple and where nature’s anger can never fall on.

Kedarnath Temple

Adding to the disclosure, the central point of the whole disaster was just a few scores of meters above the Kedarnath temple. A giant boulder is said to have protected the temple from behind walling the fall of debris and floods. While the temple has withstood the most awful of natures angers over 10 centuries, Indian temple architects say the construction is capable of surviving over many centuries ahead.

Kedarnath Temple Location

Kedarnath temple is located on the Garhwal Himalayan range on the banks of the beautiful Mandakini River at a height of about 11,800 feet in Indian state, Uttarakhand at about 223 kilometers from Rishikesh. The site of the temple experiences tremendous weather conditions and therefore kept open only for 6 months on Akshaya Tritiya (April end ) to Kartik Purnima (the autumn full moon) in November.

During the other months, the idols of the temple are transported to a small town known as an Ukhimath Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand and worshiped. It is also a famous Hindu pilgrimage site in India. The 14 kilometers up-hill, extend lead to the temple has to be either tracked or reached through horse or maintain facilities.

Mythological Background of Kidarnath

Pandavas undertook a Yatra in search of noble Shiva to forgive themselves of the sins resulting from the Mahabharata conflict. Lastly, at Kedarnath, they found a giant bull and Bhima, the second one entered into a fight with it. Bhima pulled the tail of the bull and the bull break apart itself in 2 with the front fraction falling in Nepal becoming Doleshwar Mahadev in Sipadol and the back part fell in Kidarnath becoming Kedareshwar.

At Kedarnath, a triangle shaped lineage can be seen and Lord Shiva exposed himself to Pandavas. Realizing that it was with Shiva that he fought; Bhima was taken to regret and asked for I beg your pardon?. Kedareshwar told the Pandavas that the followers having his Darshan their shall achieve faithfulness.

Kidarnath Temple History

Originally the credit of establishing a shrine at this site goes to Pandavas who did apologize here. The temple was auxiliary developed in an impressive manner by the great grandson of Arjuna named Janamejaya. The current structure is said to have been built during the visit of Adi Shankara in eighth century Anno Domini (AD). Researchers show with a Lichen metric dating procedure that the temple construction was fully covered under ice for about 4 centuries from the middle of the 14th century till 1748 between about 1300 and 1870 (the little ice age).

Kidernatth Temple Structure

The temple is constructed on a 6 foot high platform with the architectural design measuring about 85 feet high, 187 feet long and 80 feet broad. The temple walls are 12 feet wide and are built out of very strong stones.  The temple features a Mandapa and a Gharbhagriha and in the front there is a Nandi sculpture. This is the important part of our Indian temple architecture. A temple built before 1960’s are based on Hindu temple architecture. Which is the correct structure of temples. A temple built after 1962’s are have many defaults.

There are many rules in our scriptures to pray and perform accordingly, all these techniques changes as the nature of prayer changes. Similarly for every deity we have different rules and strategy, whether it is Lord Vishnu, Gandharva, Apsara, Pitra, Kartikeya, Jagadamba, Kartikeya, Ganesha, Shiva, Bhairava, Dikpal, Adyashakti etc.

Kidernatth Temple Architecture

The plateau where the temple is situated is surrounded by sharp cliffs and glaciers. It is also said that Adi Shankara achieved Maha Samadhi at Kedarnath. Behind the temple location, there is a Samadhi Mandir for him.

These are some points which represent the culture and believe of Indian spirituality. These places are visited by so many of tourist every year and all of them have a story to tell you. These stories are not just experiencing it is believed of the individual to the spirituality. You should visit these places and also write us about your tour. I choose Kedarnath to write this article as I research so much on this and decide to share with you. When you are on a trip to this place you should ask the local monks and your tourist guides about the story and the architecture of the temple. Plan your trip to Chardham now. If you really want to start Chardham from Delhi then do not miss the Delhi trip. Take one day to explore the capital in delhi one day tour package.

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