Embroidered iron-on patches

How to iron the embroidered iron-on patches of Stikets?

With Stikets embroidered iron-on patches you can decorate and give a new look to any garment or textile accessory. Made with embroidered iron-on material, you can iron them on pants, jackets, bags or any other textile support. In addition to personalizing clothes with 100% original iron-on patterns, you can also use them to cover or repair snags on children’s clothes.

How to iron the embroidered iron-on patches of Stikets?
Instructions The application of Stikets embroidered patches is very easy.

1. Remove the protective paper from the back of the patch.

2. Place the patch on a flat surface (avoid seams) and cover it with a cloth

3. Iron at maximum temperature without steam, pressing hard for 2 minutes.

4. Let cool completely without touching anything.

5. Repeat the same operation by inverting the textile piece to iron it inside out.

Shining in dark embroidered patches is sure to grab everyone’s attention, stand out at night! In the light, the wire is an off-white color, but when the light goes out, the wire turns bright green. With a bright fabric in the background, the models can be extended to sleepwear. We can make the bottom of the fabric shine in the dark or the embroidered thread in the dark. The prices are negotiable by each personalized design, fill the form below, we will answer you as soon as possible!


Yarn type option: rayon yarn, polyester yarn, luminous yarn
Background fabric option: bright fabric
The embroidery area can be 30%, 50%, 75%, 100%
Support option: hard PVC, iron or Velcro backing

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