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Effective Belly Toning Exercises To Do After Losing Weight

Wanna get rid of that lump of loosened skin around your belly button? Well, don’t worry you’re not the only one with this problem.

Loose skin is a usual by-product of massive weight loss within a quick time. There are a lot of belly toning exercises to do after losing weight that might help you get rid of the problem.

However, the problem of loose skin occurs in other parts of the body as well. But your abdominal region particularly takes a major blow.

It not only hampers the aesthetics of your outlook but also interferes with carrying various kinds of outfits.

Hence people often ask- how to tighten skin around belly button?

Luckily, there’s a lot you can do about it!

Exercise is the best way forward to deal with the situation.

Let’s have a look at some of the best belly toning exercises to do after losing weight

Belly Toning Exercises to Do After Losing Weight

There are no new fancy exercises that you haven’t already heard of. Belly toning exercises include the generic portions from your abs and core workout routine.

After losing weight, the best belly toning exercises to do are:

#1: Pelvic Thrusts

It’s a master exercise that not only the lower portion of your abs but also covers the glutes and lower back.

Hence, Pelvic Thrusts is an exercise to train the core of your body. As a substantial amount of load is directed to the abdominal region, it will work to tighten the loose skin.

Following are the steps to perform the Hip Thrusts exercise:

Step-1: Position yourself with your back supported on an elevated surface and feet parallel to the ground with knees bent.

Step-2: Make sure that the surface i.e. a bench or a box is touching you right below the shoulder blades. Also, the feet are shoulder-width apart.

Step-3: Now, slowly raise your thighs until it reaches parallel to the floor.

Step-4: Hold the position for a second and make sure your legs are making a 90-degree angle with your core.

Step-5: Move back down slowly. Repeat the steps as per your capacity.

However, in the beginning, start slow with your body weight and lower reps. As your strength builds, add moderate weights to the exercise and try to perform at least three sets of 12 reps each

#2: Air Bike

A simple exercise you can perform with just your body movement and endurance. It is one of the best tighten stomach skin exercise.

All you need is a mat to lie on, your body weight, and your willingness to do the exercise. This exercise not only tightens the loose belly skin but also develops explosive core strength.

Following are the steps to perform the Air Bike exercise:

Step-1: Lie on the exercise mat with your head and shoulders lift off from the ground.

Step-2: Bend your elbows and put your hand behind your hand. Lift your knees and bend towards the abdominal region (like the position you make during crunches).

Step-3: Now move your left knee and right shoulder towards each other until they are almost touching.

Step-4: Do the same thing with the other knee and shoulder.

Step-5: Repeat the process at a moderately fast pace.

Make sure to hold the core tight and straight in order to avoid stress in your back. If you’re able to perform this exercise cleanly, this will drastically improve the condition of your loosened skin after weight loss.

#3: Legs-Up Straight Arm Crunch

A subtle modification in the traditional crunches makes it quite effective in tightening the loose skin around the abdominal area.

However, a bit of pre-required strength in the core is needed to carry out the movement cleanly in this particular exercise.

Following are the steps to perform the exercise:

Step-1: Lie straight on your back and lift your legs straight up making an angle of 90 degrees with your abdomen.

Step-2: Raise your both arms as well making a right angle with the floor and parallel to your legs.

Step-3: Now lift your shoulders pushing through the abdominal area and try to touch your toes with your fingertips.

Step-4: Move back down slowly to the initial position. Repeat it for at least 12 reps and three sets.

Although this exercise might pose a tough challenge for you in the beginning. But after a few days of practice, you’ll get a hold of it.

Moreover, these crunches tighten your whole core along with the involved muscles and skin. Hence, it’s among the best belly toning exercises to do after losing weight.

#4: Side Bridge

A simple-looking exercise with amazing benefits in terms of tightening your abs, core, and obliques. You may consider this exercise as a modified form of planks to specifically target the sides of your core region.

Steps to perform the exercise:

Step-1: Lie sideways putting all your weight on your elbow and forearms slightly supported by the feet.

Step-2: Align your head, torso, and leg in a straight line.

Step-3: Raise your other arm above in the air making a straight line with your rooted arm and the shoulder.

Step-4: Try to hold this position for as long as you can.

In the beginning, you may find difficulties finding the right balance to hold the position. Also, this would affect the duration.

As your strength builds, you’ll be able to attain more balance and retain the position for longer durations.

Now, if someone asks you- how to tighten loose skin after weight loss with exercise? You can answer them with the above-mentioned effective belly toning exercises to do after losing weight.

Along with exercises, supplementation might also help you to achieve better results in the situation.

Let’s see…

A Supplement that Might Help!

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Some of the amazing features of the supplement are:

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On that note, let’s sum up…


Loose skin in specific regions of the body is a common problem after substantial weight loss. However, it’s more prominent around the abdominal area.

If you look for the solutions, you’ll find a lot of them. Although the belly toning exercises to do after losing weight work the best in such cases.

It’s just you need to look after the diet and stick to a strict exercise routine consistently for a long period of time for sustained results.

Hope you find our content on ‘how to tighten skin after weight loss naturally’ helpful and informative!

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