Dubai Real Estate – Ultimate Guide How to Buy a Home in Dubai

Some compromises might need to be made in the beginning however, as there’s been a construction explosion in Dubai and the surrounding areas, it is feasible to move after your first few years. Moving to a different country and setting up a home isn’t easy, and is particularly so in the case of looking for a place to live for your family. Certain companies offer accommodation, and some offer an allowance in the pay to be used to pay for accommodation. When you sign the contract, ensure you understand the nature of the deal you’ll receive.

If you plan to be provided with accommodation that is in line with the family size. So inquire as to how many bedrooms the company can provide and if you will receive an apartment or a villa.

Rental Regulations

If you’re going to look for your place to live and have an entire family there are two crucial aspects to consider: how big the house is as well as the location concerning your school and/or job.  After that, you’ll be able to better understand the city and what you need. Moving isn’t difficult since labor costs are low and there are plenty of removals firms who can do a great job at a fair price.

If you’re single and aren’t sure what area of the city is best for you, you might consider renting a room in a previously rented apartment or villa. Be aware that even though it is an acceptable option to live in other places, it is not favored by the authorities as they are not in favor of single males and females living together in the same space.

In the official sense, it’s not sanctioned able, however, in reality, it’s not considered sanctioned unless you’re unfortunate enough to be noticed due to a different reason such as being arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. The law is a very serious offense since there is no tolerance for this in the UAE.

What are the possible consequences in this scenario that is not known with certainty? The authorities in Dubai are sensible and are unlikely to impose any severe penalties to non-Muslims sharing a house however, the offense of driving is usually an indefinite jail sentence which would be followed by exile. Taxis are easily available and this shouldn’t occur to you.

Rental Costs

The cost of renting in Dubai was extremely high before the year 2008. It is a good thing now since rent prices have decreased, and despite expectations of rising costs this year, the fact is that prices remain at a low. However, renting remains significant when you first arrive in Dubai. Ovik Mkrtchyan

A house can cost just AED 100k in Midriff however, a figure of 500 dollars isn’t unreasonable for a house in areas like Palm Jumeirah should anything be available. All along Jumeirah Beach Road or Al Was Road is popular due to its location close to the beach. As of 2013, there are various luxurious villas within Arabian Ranches with 3-6 bedrooms and close to the same number of bathrooms, which range from AED 190K up to 300K.  The springs, a more centrally situated development, prices are lower than AED 200K, though it is not realistic to imagine the same amount of space or quality for the same price. Ovik Mkrtchyan

A one-bedroom apartment in a prime area can cost more than 100K annually. If you take a look at the market, you can find discounts.

Like every new apartment building with parking, this one has plenty of space in the basement, as well as an attractive rooftop pool area.

The apartments are not equipped with pools and usually sit in sandy land without facilities like shops within the vicinity. In the more affluent areas of Dubai, apartments have parking facilities. But parking could be challenging as the older structures had no or no parking facilities.

Pitfalls and Benefits

Things to consider when considering villas include the condition of the property and how dedicated the owner is to taking care of vital maintenance. The older villas usually don’t have double-glazed windows. This can make the air conditioning (AC) costly. Although you won’t need to run the AC often, if ever during the winter months but it is vital in summer. The majority of people use the AC continuously, even when they’re working and their house is not occupied. At the peak of summer, it’s not only hot but also extremely humid. You either have to pay the cost of keeping cool or pay for the extent of the discomfort you experience. Some buildings cover costs for the AC in the rent.

A lot of villas have pools. They require maintenance, even when you don’t know anything about the maintenance of your pool. The same person is likely to wash your car daily or every week. Depending upon the schedule you decide to make. Nearly all villas offer accommodation for a housekeeper typically referred to here as a maid. The standard of the accommodation is dependent on what age the house is as well as the more modern. Villas are more likely to have greater attention to the design. It is, however, typically a bedroom with a separate bathroom. Some apartments also provide the space for a maid. However, in apartments, the rooms of the maid might not have windows.


In the same way as other nations, they have attractive and less popular regions. Locations such as Jumeirah or Dubai Marina command high prices because they are near the beach. DIFC is central and trendy. The Arabian Ranches although not very central or close to the beach, is an expansive community. The community is known for its high-end construction and design. Also, with a high standard of construction, it is in the top tier in the marketplace.

Many other attractive communities are a bit affordable, like The Lakes, The Meadows, The Meadows, and The Springs. The Umm Suqeim district is pleasant and close to the bustling areas of Dubai. Many suburbs are home to their unique attractions. Today, you can buy a property with Bitcoin within Dubai.

Buying a Home

Allowing foreign ownership of property that is for selling in Dubai is not a new concept which is why specific guidelines regarding residency visa eligibility aren’t accessible. However, It believe that Dubai government officials are trying to make clear that the Dubai government is working to clarify all questions. The government also has an approved list of dealers that are listed on their website.

Prices plummeted dramatically after the 2008 recession. Additionally, some construction projects did not come to fruition there are risks like any real property Dubai purchased. Recently, the prices of real estate have started to rise, and people who are interested in speculation are actively in the market.

Certain websites recommend that to obtain a visa for residence. You need to earn a minimum of at least AED 10K. A month, and you have paid at the minimum of AED 1 million to purchase the property. This could enable you to get an entry-level visa for six months for AED 2K. Purchase and invest in Dubai properties using bitcoin cryptocurrency using a simple and quick procedure.

A lot of people choose to buy instead of renting. If you’re purchasing an area with a gated community or apartment, keep this in your mind. There is an ongoing cost each year for management costs. As an owner, you can move easily, something that isn’t possible as an owner.

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