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Power Generator

In areas where power supply is very less available, people use power generators to support themselves. Generators are always available as a backup option, not only in such cases but during large tasks.

What is a Power Generator?

A power generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical power. It uses specific fuels like steam, gas, water or internal combustion, based on the sort of power generator it is. 

The generator is essentially an amazing discovery as it might be tough to imagine a life without this. It would not be wrong to say that man has to turn out to be so much used to the luxuries of life, that even minutes without electricity will become a problem. To allow us to use these comforts and luxuries well, the power generator invention is a blessing.

Dual Fuel Power Generator

A dual-fuel power generator is different from the regular generators as it uses two different types of fuels like diesel and natural gas. It’s confirmed that dual-fuel power generators work better than the usual generators in many ways.

In this type of power generator, the two fuels don’t mix up with each other, but the engine is capable of switching modes. This provides the best advantage that we can use the fuel which is more powerful and easily available regarding different conditions. The power generator engine is able to operate in both conditions, hence giving the best results.

How to Use Dual Fuel Power Generator

Dual fuel power generators are used in a similar way as the common generators. But, the overall functioning of the two differs. The operator should keep in mind the following safety rules while using a dual fuel power generator:

  • The fuels are extremely flammable. So it is necessary to manage them well.
  • Carbon monoxide gas is highly harmful and poisonous.
  • Diesel fuel is heavier to handle.
  • The LPG fuel can leak from the tanks. So be careful.

Buying Tips for Dual Fuel Power Generator

The dual-fuel power generator you take mainly depends on the availability of fuels. A user should keep the below states guidelines in mind while keeping the best dual fuel generators:

  • The types of fuel are available.
  • The expense of running on each type of fuel.
  • The area is available.
  • Nature of use.
  • Working requirements.

Best Dual Fuel Power Generator

  1. Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

This well-built dual-fuel power generator permits the consumer to replace propane or diesel fuels. The machine has been constructed to offer more strength and is pretty durable. The layout of the Duromax dual gasoline generator is such that the protection of the person is saved because of the topmost priority. The generator capabilities a user-friendly clean begin option, thereby making the use of it as smooth as a car. The fabric utilized in making is of premium quality. To make the consumer enjoy even better, there may be a noise-lowering device attached to the top. This oversized muffler reduces noise appreciably and makes the generator usable in workplace areas.


  • Safe to use
  • Portable design
  • Quick startup system
  • Noise-reducing muffler
  • Best quality material
  1. Sportsman GEN4000DF Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator

This portable dual-fuel power generator is the ultimate solution to the maximum of your energy needs. This is one in all the fine dual gas generators available within the market. With a premium built, easy to use design, the power generator may be without difficulty carried round from region to place. This is the ideal preference for retaining your appliances jogging in instances of frequent strength cuts. The tool has the electricity and flexibility to manage the maximum of your tasks. The portable power generator runs on either propane or gasoline. Both those fuels can be alternated or used as in line with comfort and availability in given situations. So, if you are looking for a high-quality bendy and portable dual gasoline generator, then that is the right product for you that would match all your needs.


  • Portable power generator
  • Long-lasting continuous power
  • Super silent feature
  • Easy startup
  1. Fortress Hybrid 4,400 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

Running with a sum of gas and propane, this Fortress dual fuel generator is well worth buying. For each person who is seeking out a longer-lasting electricity source, this generator is simply a sensible choice. The design is user-pleasant and has been crafted skillfully maintaining in thoughts the protection of the user. The steel frame lets in for a smooth and quiet operation. There is an electric-powered key start that allows the easy one-step start of the generator. Hence, the product is simple to use and handle. The fuels are smooth and green.


  • Long-lasting power source
  • Smooth and quiet running process
  • One step startup system
  • Easy for use 
  1. Ford 7,750W Dual Fuel Portable Generator

This super-powered dual fuel generator is not any doubt certainly one of the first-class energy generators within the market. Its special features a massive fuel tank that secures long hours of continuous strength supply. The dual-fuel capability gives the user the advantage of selecting between gas and LPG as consistent with the provision of the fuels. There is a switch and go generation which allows the person to effortlessly transfer between the 2 fuels. You can use both of the two fuels as in step with the ease because the engine seamlessly works on both gives high-quality results. The great highlight of this dual-gas generator is the maintenance-free battery it has.


  • Maintenance-free battery
  • Easy to use
  • Electric push startup system
  • Automatic technology
  1. Pulsar PG10000B16 Dual-Fuel Portable Generator

With a big 6.6-gallon fuel tank, this pulsar dual fuel generator is your ideal alternative electricity backup. The product has been designed with fold handles and wheels for clean mobility. So, you can deliver this massive power product anywhere you want without tons of trouble. The electric push begin button with flinch backup makes the generator easy to start and use. The cutting-edge switch and go technology makes transitioning between the fuels a continuing exercise. The manufacturing material used is of the finest pleasant making the product greater durable. So, no want to think twice before shopping for this exquisite product.


  • Easy to switch
  • Long-lasting power backup
  • Big fuel tank
  • Best quality material


In this blog, we share some impotent things related to Dual Fuel Power Generator and 5 best dual fuel portable generator. If you want to buy a dual fuel power generator, you can contact the EO Energy team. They provide you with the best portable generator according to your needs.

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