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Doubts and Clarification of IELTS

 Doubt in IELTS Preparation

Doubts are natural and occur to everyone at some point. There is no such IELTS supporter whose IELTS preparation has been absolutely smooth i.e., without any doubts or problems. Even, if they have cleared IELTS exam with flying colors! I am going to tell you about all the doubts and clarification of IELTS.

And there is no such IELTS hater whose IELTS preparation has been full of doubts and problems, even if their IELTS result was less than mediocre!

IELTS Supporter and Haters

So, both the ‘supporters’ and the ‘haters’, all experience doubt; it’s just that one deals with it properly while others hardly try to do anything about it (they either delay it as much as possible or ignore).

So now we know that dealing with doubts in IELTS is a part of IELTS preparation process, let us go through the ways i.e., how to deal with IELTS doubts.

IELTS doubts

But first, let’s understand what exactly is IELTS doubt and clarification?

An IELTS doubt can be divided into two categories:

  • Doubts related to language
  • IELTS exam doubts/misconceptions about IELTS test pattern etc.

It’s important for an IELTER to know what kind of IELTS doubt he has before he starts working on it. Because different types of IELTS doubt requires different methods to solve them! So, let’s discuss each type of doubt in detail i.e., IELTS doubts related to language, IELTS doubts related to IELTS exam etc.

1.    Doubts Related to Language:

These are the IELTS doubts which can be clarify by using IELTS course books (or course books of any other IELTS exam preparation company). It is always good to refer advanced level IELTS book or e-books on topics you are not comfortable with revising. Whatever that needs revision and then checking it up with your tutor/coach i.e., completing the golden circle of IELTS preparation!

I think I have made my point clear, so let me move on to the next type of doubt in IELTS!

2.    Doubts Related to Exam:

These IELTS doubts occur mainly due to lack of sufficient practical exposure; lack of proper IELTS guidance and support; too much reliance on books and not enough focus on understanding the skills required for doing well in IELTS i.e., IELTS grammar, IELTS listening etc.; IELTS vocabulary not being used in IELTS exam i.e., IELTS question paper not containing words from IELTS vocabulary list; lack of proper study methodology and much more!

Such doubts can be solved by asking past IELTS question papers directly from official website or by going through online IELTS preparation material etc.

We have discussed what kind of doubt comes into a person’s mind during IELTS preparation process in detail, now time to discuss how to deal with such doubts!

Dealing With Doubts and clarification:

There is a golden rule for dealing with any kind of doubt – if it doesn’t go away after some time i.e., after you have checked IELTS book or IELTS website, then talk to someone i.e., IELTS trainer/coach/authority etc. who can help you solve the doubt i.e., by explaining IELTS exam pattern etc.

It is important to know that every IELTS test taker has a unique learning style. Some people learn new things quickly and easily i.e., there is hardly anything he doesn’t understand. While others take time and need more guidance i.e., it may take them longer to understand certain concepts even if they are explained clearly! You should keep this difference in mind before jumping into any kind of confusion caused due to lack adequate information on IELTS i.e., IELTS doubts!

  1. You learn IELTS test taking skills which cannot be learnt by reading books or watching videos on IELTS i.e., it takes years to master those skills/techniques required for doing well in IELTS exam if one is not guided properly at every step of IELTS preparation process!
  2. If you join a good IELTS class, you get free demo classes where you can ask any doubt and clear it before joining IELTS full course; which is generally provided for IELTS students who pay fees to their trainer!

Doubts and clarification Related to IELTS Books:

Many IELTS students have doubts regarding which IELTS book they should use for their preparation i.e.; it relates mainly to IELTS books for IELTS writing part! And the golden rule here is – always prefer to buy an official book released by British Council or Cambridge University Press. As a result, these books are suitable according to guidelines provided by IELTS authorities i.e., IELTS trainers and experts; they give consistent guidance in this regard and they recommend only such vocabulary lists/books that comply with guidelines and requirements asked by IELTS examiners (authorities)!

Doubts Related to IELTS Grammar:

IELTS grammar doubts are among amongst serious doubts i.e., most students have them which is mainly due to lack of knowledge about past/present perfect tense, simple present tense rules etc.

Whenever IELTS students have IELTS exam doubts, they should always ask their trainers i.e., tutors i.e., experts for doubts and clarification before starting preparation process! This will save time in IELTS writing preparation as most of your doubts are cleared by the trainer/ IELTS tutor at that stage itself! You don’t have to waste hours or days on internet trying to clear IELTS grammar doubts; if you study under a good IELTS trainer or coach then this problem is sorted automatically before you start IELTS practice sessions (or workshops)!

So, the best way to deal with such doubts related to IELTS writing i.e., IELTS grammar is to join coaching.

Doubts Related to Speaking Part of IELTS Exam:

IELTS speaking doubts are mainly related to how to prepare for this part, what techniques one should use etc.; So, if you are preparing IELTS exam by yourself then you should make groups on social media. Where members can share their views regarding techniques of practicing speaking part. Practicing speaking part IELTS exam on particular topic i.e., IELTS general topics!

Coaching is very helpful in scoring IELTS. There is many coaching in India. But if you want the perfect clarification of IELTS then I will suggest IELTS coaching in Jaipur. Coaching in Jaipur have well educated tutors and they clear your all doubts regarding IELTS.

Doubts Related to IELTS Audio Part of IELTS Exam:

IELTS audio part training requires good quality IELTS audio tracks. If you are listening IELTS audios on poor quality mp3. Also, mobile then you will not be able to train by it (so that you can speak IELTS fluently)! Always try to purchase IELTS audio files from IELTS trainer/IELTS coaching institute as they have their own authorized websites. Which provide high quality audio tracks for practice so that you can select the suitable IELTS track according to your level!

Doubts are an inevitable part of the learning process. However, if you can learn to deal with them in a positive and productive way, they can actually help you improve your performance on the IELTS test. Remember to stay focused on your goals, practice regularly, and take advantage of all the resources available to you. With these tips, you should be able to overcome any doubts that may arise during your preparation for the IELTS test and achieve your desired score. Good luck!

For more details, you can go with overseas education consultants.

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