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Disney Birthday Celebration at Magic Kingdom

Reasons Your Kids Should Have a Disney Birthday Celebration at Magic Kingdom

Assuming you’ve never had a Disney birthday celebration for your children, you ought to, and here’s the reason. This post shares some motivations behind why your children should have a Disney birthday festivity at Magic Kingdom.

Tatiana turned lucky number 7 at the end of the week, and it was “the best birthday of all time,” as per her. This year we chose to skirt the party and celebrate with an outing to Magic Kingdom for a Disney birthday celebration experience. Disney has been on our psyches since we went for Christmas 2 years prior. Tatiana has been discussing it repeatedly, so my better half and I needed to surprise her with a day at Disney for her birthday.

Honestly, folks, my heart is so whole after this excursion. I cried. Not once but rather multiple times. I couldn’t say whether it was the way that my young child lady turned seven or then again on the off chance that it was because Tristan wasn’t there to celebrate with us. It was presumably a blend of both. It was a particularly enthusiastic day. You can have that too with some extra discount as Shop Disney providing 30% off via Shop Disney Coupon Code. Use the Shop Disney Coupon Code and enjoy your trip to the magical kingdom.

As a mother, I’m pleased with my princess for defeating all we’ve experienced, and I am so unquestionably thankful that we could get this day going for her. Tatiana has made significant progress and developed such a vast amount somewhat recently alone. She merited this outing to Disney more than anything, and to hear her say again and again that this was “the best birthday of all time,” I wanted to separate and let that hooligan remove.

Assuming you’ve never had a Disney birthday festivity for your children, you ought to, and here’s the reason.

Why Your Kids Should Have a Disney Birthday Celebration at Magic Kingdom

Begin their day with a birthday button. When you get to Disney, you’re welcomed with a birthday button, assuming you let them know ahead of time while making your enrollment. If not, you can get your kid a birthday button at the ticket booth or in City Hall once you get into the recreation area. The birthday button shows up with the VIP treatment of being welcomed by each cast part at Magic Kingdom.


They’re dealt with like sovereignty.

Not exclusively will the cast individuals welcome you? They wish you a cheerful birthday while you’re wearing a birthday button, yet they’ll, in any event, sing Happy Birthday to you as well. Tatiana had the joy of being entertained by Mickey Mouse with a Happy Birthday melody. A few characters even left a special birthday message in her signature book.

It’s to a lesser extent a migraine than arranging a birthday celebration.

Birthday celebrations are a significant migraine in some cases. Visitors don’t RSVP, they drop without a second to spare, and gatherings can be pricey. Since we needed this birthday to be exceptional for Tatiana, we decided to invest all the cash and energy into making this a special day for simply her. She cherished it! We didn’t need to stress conveying solicitations, beautifying, or chasing down visitors for RSVPs.


They can be the superstar.

One of Tatiana’s cherished attractions at Magic Kingdom is Enchanted Tales with Belle. The last time we went to Magic Kingdom, Tatiana also played Beast. She constantly talked about it. This time not entirely settled to play Beast once more. Her thunder was more potent than every other person’s. She didn’t allow any other individual an opportunity to thunder, so she got to play Beast.

Another fascination children can be a piece of is Monsters Inc Laugh Factory. They offer visitors a chance to message in their jokes so they can be a piece of the show. They additionally put spotlights on the crowd to get individuals included. It’s such a lot of tomfoolery! This was our first time going to the show, yet we chuckled relentlessly.


The entire family will have a pleasurable moment.

One thing that I love about Disney is that there is something for everybody. We could take pictures together and meet so many Disney characters. I wouldn’t say I like rollercoasters, but rather Magic Kingdom offers countless rides and attractions that permitted me to make those extraordinary recollections with Tatiana.

I love that my significant other and Tatiana get to know one another while they’re riding the various rides.

On the off chance that you hate rides, there are still vast loads of things for you to appreciate. The motorcades are generally a family top pick. We love riding. It’s a Small World when we want a break from the entirety of the strolling.

Disney Birthday Celebration at Magic Kingdom
Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

It’s an all-in-one resource for birthday presents and keepsakes.

An extraordinary aspect regarding having a Disney birthday festivity is that you don’t need to purchase presents, or possibly we didn’t. We were unable to leave without bringing a couple of things back home.

In a real sense, Disney is an all-inclusive resource for any Disney toy your youngster could need. There are various stores to browse with gifts and trinkets for each age range. Tatiana wound up getting Fairy Princess ears alongside a Maleficent hair bow that she needed for when she plays spruce up. She likewise got a trinket penny to add to her assortment.


It’s the most supernatural put on Earth to spend a birthday.

Indeed, I could not consider a prime spot for your kid to spend their birthday. Disney is a decent general climate to celebrate. Everybody is cheerful and has the best seasons of their lives there. Assuming you plan ahead of time, you can get to encounter the whole park in one day.

Assuming your financial plan permits, I propose a person eating experience and remaining in one of the inn resorts for somewhat added sorcery.

End the night with a bang.

To wrap things up, your children’s night will end with a bang – in an absolute sense. I intend what better method for commending a birthday than with a firecrackers show? Disney’s Happily Ever After firecrackers show is something other than your average light show. It’s combined with your cherished Disney film tunes.

This show will play with your feelings, folks. It’ll take you back to your youth and make you so thankful for every one of the endowments you’ve at any point gotten. It’s something beyond a firecrackers show. It’s Disney’s approach to reeling you into each of the enchanted they bring to the table and showing you that you can do magical things.

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