Disc Mulcher vs. Drum Mulcher: Which Is Better?

With high demand for horticulture and gardening purposes, experts expect the global mulching market to exceed $3 billion in 2021. These projections see the market expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of seven percent over the next decade.

Mulchers provide a sustainable way to remove trees and brush. They can make short work of clearing vegetation.

If you’re considering a skid steer attachment, your primary choices come down to a drum mulcher or a dish mulcher. But which piece of machinery is better? Here’s what you need to know.

Drum Mulcher

A drum mulcher comes as a cylinder skid steer attachment. It’s covered in carbide teeth or hardened steel rings to chew through vegetation. The three main styles of drum mulchers are depth control, paddle, and smooth.

These attachments can be used for land clearing and overgrowth maintenance. They can also be used to clear lots for construction preparation, among other things.

Drum mulchers are good at stump grinding. They are generally considered more maneuverable than disc mulchers and may provide better visibility. A diamond drum mulcher is safe for use in urban areas since it pushes material down to the ground.

The big difference between a drum mulcher and a disc mulcher is speed. While a drum mulcher is the slower of the two machines, it provides a higher quality product. A skid steer drum mulcher produces a more refined mulch. This makes the product easier to sell.

Disc Mulcher

A disc mulcher looks like its name. It’s a large disk with mulching teeth used to chew up trees. These skid steer attachments can use hydraulic power to remove shrubs and overgrown vegetation.

Disc mulchers use hydraulic power and stored energy to complete their work. They’re the better choice for removing thick trees. The adjustable disc allows operators to change the angle of cutting when needed.

These attachments tend to be wider than drum mulchers. That allows them to clear more area at a time. They work faster than their counterpart.

Disc mulchers are often more affordable. But they produce large wood chips that fly out in different directions.

Bull Hog Attachments

Fecon stands out as a leading name in the skid steer attachment market. Over 30 years, they’ve built a reputation of providing the most durable mulching heads you can buy.

Fecon provides best-in-class products with excellent customer care. Their roots are in forestry mulching and can provide solutions for all your brush-cutting needs.

Fecon’s your home for Bull Hog attachments. They provide a wide variety of configurations, including skid steer, excavator, and tractor. Shop here for all your Bull Hog attachment needs.

Deciding on Your Mulcher

Picking between a drum mulcher and a disc mulcher really comes down to the work you need to complete. Both have their place in the forestry industry, so be sure to do your research and choose the one that works best for your needs.

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