Digital Signage for Businesses: Why Do You Need One?

As the world is becoming more digitized, static signs are getting less significant. They are now being replaced by digital signage. After all, it breathes new life into any commercial environment. These signages are designed to grab the attention of the customers. Plus, they can be used to deliver certain messages that can improve their experiences. There are also interactive digital signages that allow customers to interact with content which can include locating inventory, and product research. 

5 Reasons Why Digital Signage Is Important for Your Business

Digital signages can be implemented in a variety of ways which is what makes it such a powerful tool. Different companies have used this technology in their physical businesses to meet the unique demands of the consumers. However, there are some who tend to underestimate the importance of digital signage. Don’t be one of them as it offers a lot of exciting benefits that are just hard to ignore. Let’s have a look at some of them. 

#1. Grabs the Attention of People

As stated above, digital signage can easily catch the attention of people. It might even compel them to visit the store who might have never entered otherwise. Also, due to the fact that it can leverage motion, there is no surprise that digital signage can capture an average of over 400% more views as compared to a static sign

#2. Displays Can Be Changed Instantly & Automatically 

Perhaps one of the most useful benefits of Digital Signage is that it can be changed from a single remote location. Similarly, if a company wants to announce a new product or to advertise a sale, they can simply design an advertisement and make it go live all over the country wherever they have installed the digital signage. It can also enable a brand to keep its identity consistent across various locations. However, for this to happen effectively, they have to make sure to deliver the same in-store experience everywhere. In addition, companies don’t really have to manually switch ads. They can simply use software to make a particular kind of ad appear at pre-defined hours, days, or months. 

#3. Lowers Perceived Wait Times

No one likes waiting and that includes shoppers. If they see a long line in the stores, they will avoid visiting the place or might decide to visit at a later time. Sometimes, they never come back and go to the competitor instead. This is the reason why companies invest in several point-of-sales. One more thing that a business owner can do is install digital screens. This will divert the attention of the shoppers. They can stare at the screen on which you can run an advertisement about your new products. You can also show weather reports, news, or even sporting events to keep the visitors engaged. This will make people less frustrated with waiting. 

#4. Amplifies Retention Rates 

Using digital signage can result in a higher recall rate as compared to a static ad. This means that people will be able to remember any upcoming sales, events, or promotions. Moreover, if you make the ad catchy enough, people would love to share what they saw on the digital billboard with their friends and family. However, to make sure that your advertising message sticks to the minds of people, you will need to creatively use the combination of content, graphics, and display movement.’

Employee announcements made easy

Keeping your team up to date has never been easier. With a solution from, ​​you can constantly update the important announcements and services of your company on your digital information board. The digital display of employee-related announcements eliminates the need to print every message, making it an environmentally friendly way to educate your team.

Effective advertising: digital signage

Digital screen advertising is conquering public spaces. You can meet them more and more often where potential customers are. Digital signage, as this form of modern advertising is also called, is replacing traditional advertising media such as posters and banners.

Their potential is far from being exhausted. Digital signage providers such as Behrendt Werbetechnik support their customers with the use of screen advertising in the sense of customer loyalty and increased sales.

Land use planning

Plan the use of your conference rooms effectively and clearly: with the digital signage solution from View the schedules for current and upcoming meetings in each conference room. Side LED light strips on the screens are equipped with color changers in order to be able to give the user a quick visual indication. The content is easy to manage and can be updated at any time by remote control.

Digital signage – innovative advertising for modern users

With digital signage, advertising hits the nerve of the times. It enables direct customer contact, which can be tailored to the target group and updated on a daily basis. Digital screen advertising can be used once directly at the point of sale, i.e. on the shelf in the supermarket, at the meat counter, at the special offer area or directly at the cash register. The customer is informed directly, for example about the use of certain devices, the advantages of products or price promotions. Interactivity is promoted with additional touchscreens. Here the advertising directly influences the customer’s purchase decision.

A second possible use of the advertising display systems is to provide information to groups of people, which of course can also be used for advertising. For this purpose, the screens are hung at points that are heavily frequented, for example waiting areas at airports or train stations. Large monitors are also often found in local public transport trains. Wherever passers-by have time, they can be provided with information about the digital signage. This can include the current weather report as well as reports on the traffic situation, cultural highlights or the preview of the next sporting event. In addition to dealers and credit institutions, service providers and workshops, event organizers and educational providers can occasionally display advertisements for their purposes.


Digital signage is now more preferred over static signs due to how beneficial it is for businesses. And it is not a surprise to see different brands using this technology to promote their offerings. After all, it can allow them to deliver their messages more effectively. I personally find digital signage to be as effective as watching an ad on my Spectrum Silver Package. Both mediums are great in catching your audience’s attention. So, considering the above-mentioned benefits, do you think this technology will take over static ads completely?

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