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Digital Marketing is Crucial for Small and Medium Size Businesses

With increasing technology, digital marketing has become the go-to medium for promoting a brand and making the target audience aware of your business. Digital marketing spreads the business to a global consumer base, which can help in rapid growth plans, unlike traditional marketing.


Digital marketing has become a necessity in today’s world. One would think that creating a website is not that important for any company that wants to be successful, experience constant growth, and increase revenue. However, many small and medium enterprises believe that the online world is out of their reach, possibly they consider it too expensive, or they don’t think it will reach their target market, among other reasons. In fact, SMEs that use digital marketing to broadcast their services or products have an obvious advantage over their competitors.

Importance of Digital Marketing

1. Reach

Many digital marketing tactics are far less expensive yet have far greater potential reach than classic strategies, making digital ads a cost-effective choice for small businesses that are worried about ad spending. Online marketing can reach anyone, anywhere, even on a global scale compared to traditional. Businesses can use content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and other digital marketing channels to meet those customers where they are.

2. Targeting

With the help of digital marketing tools and analytics, brands identify and target customers who most likely want their products or services. So, they can invest resources into the demographics where they can provide the most value. A powerful digital marketing strategy allows companies to use their budget and personnel better while driving greater returns on investment.

3. Flexibility

With modern marketing analytics, tools can provide real-time insights that let businesses adjust marketing campaigns on the fly. In comparison, traditional marketing methods demand sunk cost: The money is already spent, and if the campaign fails, there is nothing to be done until the next one. A false digital campaign can still be recovered, and so can the money spent on it.

4. Measurability

Digital marketing channels come hard-wired with the tools brands need to measure performance, unlike billboards, TV ads, and radio jingles. It is convenient and easy to see how many impressions, clicks, and likes are being generated by social media posts, or how many visitors are coming to your website and from where. Digital marketing enables more tracking of marketing campaigns, so small business owners can examine every detail and adjust as needed. Once the analytics are reviewed, it’s very easy to modify a digital marketing technique to make it far more effective.

5. Seize the benefit of a higher ROI

Return on investment is another huge benefit of digital marketing over other types of marketing tactics. Digital marketing offers a higher ROI compared to any other type of marketing. It is easily scalable, so small business owners can get started even if they’re working on a budget. A huge return for the time and money spent marketing online can be seen, and can then adjust their budget as required to continue bringing in more customers.


Digital marketing is favorably effective and lets small business owners find and reach out to more consumers than other types of marketing. With the return on the investment being higher compared to other traditional forms of marketing, it just makes sense to begin marketing a small business online. 1702 Digital offers a Digital marketing agency that helps businesses to better connect with their customers and achieve their goals. Being a full-service marketing agency, we can lead and complete projects ranging from branding, website design and development, demand and lead generation, and many more.

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