Different Ways in Which EMS Software Can Increase Employee Productivity

Ems software can save businesses thousands of dollars each year. Low productivity is widespread and has many causes, including poor management, low work ethic, inefficient work processes, and a negative corporate culture.

Without monitoring computer activities, your company has no way of knowing whether you have good productivity and an efficient workforce or low productivity. By improving productivity visibility, tracking, and metrics, you will better understand how your company and your employees are performing.

Here are some things that will help you monitor productivity with ems software

1. The user monitoring software tracks the time management of the project

At its core, the user monitoring software is a computer-based tracking system. Once installed, staff and remote managers can monitor user behavior and contact staff to improve inefficient behavior.

You can connect the tracking ems software to your project management software and encourage your coworkers and employees to keep track of the time spent on each project.

With employee activity monitoring software, your team leaders and other managers can get time and project estimates. From these time estimates, you can see.

  • How long a project type usually lasts
  • When certain projects take much longer than normal
  • Those employees who work harder than others
  • Lazy employees

Pro tip: Inform your employees and your team quarterly about the project progress, measured by the productivity and efficiency of the individual projects.

employee monitoring software

2. Productivity tracking software can alert teams to poor work processes and poorly managed projects

If a project takes much longer than necessary, your team leader can step in and reevaluate the situation. Unfortunately, it cannot be easy to understand when projects are getting out of hand.

Working with clients can be tricky to manage. Perhaps you have a customer who needs more attention and care than others. But if that’s in the contract, that’s fine. If the client goes beyond the scope of the contract, it inevitably means more work for your team.

Other types of workflows can be inherently inefficient, but you will not be able to get objective data on these inefficiencies without tracking time or projects.

With employee monitoring software, you can also clearly see if there is a bad workflow. Suppose your employees spend too much time on certain administrative tasks, e.g., when sending emails internally to other colleagues. In that case, the internal employee reporting system may have to improve this process.

Pro tip: Educate your team leaders about using productivity software to improve project management.

3. The user monitoring software provides metrics on the productivity of employees, teams, and companies.

Your executives likely meet with their employees and teams regularly to discuss productivity issues. They can even work with their employees to develop productivity improvement plans. Metrics on employee tasks, projects, and actions will only clarify and enhance this plan.

Without metrics, your team leaders will act at their discretion. The user monitoring software gets hard data on areas for improvement, operational weaknesses, and team performance.

This is especially important if you have an outside employee. Without productivity monitoring software, there is no way to measure the productivity of your team or the activity of the external employee.

Pro Tip: Use hard productivity metrics for the team and individual assessments, so employees know.

4. Employee productivity monitoring software can track wasted time

User-free best ems software has a feature called “Time Waste Reports” that reports to management when employees browse pages that are not approved by the company or when they are wasting time in general.

For example, if Facebook is not allow, any significant time spent on Facebook will be reported as wasted.

Your business facility can be managed in this regard, but the bottom line is productivity software that helps you figure out how much time is wasted.

Pro tip: set the minimum amount of time per team that can be waste and reward teams that stay below this number.

5. The computer monitoring software reports the time logs to management.

The user monitoring software reports the time logs to management daily and weekly so you can see how the time is being manage right from your email inbox.

Having the time log emailed to you daily, or weekly will keep you update if you haven’t notice the numbers. This also gives you an insight into your team over the week.

Pro tip: Show management the value of productivity tracking software by reporting weekly productivity updates.

6. Employee productivity tracking software provides managers with clear examples of poor and positive productivity.

Managing your employees can be difficult. You can tell them they have to do better. But they won’t listen unless you give them clear examples of when they are not good enough and where they need to improve.

For example, if you are z, if you find that a project took 10 hours longer, you can pull up a report and ask your staff to review the process by which they complete the project. By reviewing the process together, you can spot improvements and mistakes that will increase productivity next time.

Pro tip: Use the productivity metrics determine by the monitoring program to create a productivity plan.

7. The employee tracking software logs the websites and applications visited

The employee tracking software records the websites and applications your users visit and their time on those pages. This is a great way to see if your reps are spending 2 hours on Reddit instead of working on your annual report.

Use website and app monitoring report to make sure you have a clear picture of how much time your employees should be spending on their specific work, then give them leeway.

Use this data to report employee productivity, reward productive employees, and improve workplace productivity through strategic measures.

Pro tip: Use team competitions to increase productivity and avoid wasting time. Incentivize these competitions to increase work ethic.

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8. User monitoring software to keep track of the duration

The employee monitoring software can track the duration of individual tasks, breaks, projects, emails, and working days. Monitoring duration can be a good indicator of problems and efficiency.

If you find that some of your employees are doing a task faster than others, you can investigate how they are doing a task to improve productivity across the company.

Pro tip: Analyze the time spent getting things done so you can optimize your workforce and increase efficiency.

9. the remote monitoring of employees for time recording and the presence of employees

This monitoring tool can be use for basic time and attendance tracking to show managers that their employees are on-site and are doing what they say they are doing.

If you find that your reps have been away all day but say they are emailing or doing tasks, it could indicate that they are lying (or having a problem).

The registration of attendance is essential for remote work; otherwise, your remote manager will not know whether the employee is working or not.

Pro Tip: Measure remote worker presence to monitor actual productivity in the workplace and create productivity incentives for your remote team.

10. User monitoring software with keystroke recording software catches wasted private information.

Monitoring software with keystroke recording software can track the keystrokes users type on the keyboard.

This can be use to monitor insider threats, but it is also useful to see if your employees are working or if they have been chatting with coworkers in Slack all day.

Pro tip: Customize the recording of keystrokes so that sensitive information and passwords are not recorded.

11. User monitoring software keeps teams on track.

With the metrics, insight, and accountability that monitoring software provides, your team can be quickly brought up to speed.

Metrics and data help your employees understand what you’re getting at, and they help your team separate goals (like completing projects) from emotions (mentally strenuous tasks). It also offers a way through complex customer relationships.


Productivity is a measure of how well things are done in your company. So by implementing user monitoring software, your team can keep track of how efficiently things are being done.

With ems software, you have objective data on productive tasks and can look for ways to improve employee productivity. Here are 11 verifiable ways to measure productivity with monitoring software.

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