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Hello there, we all are working in the same or another sector or we can say department some of our work from the office and some of our work at a coworking space, but we all are confused at some point that which is space is better than another that’s why we are not able categorized or differentiate the difference between these two. So, let’s just see the difference one by one between coworking space and office space.


Generally speaking, the definition of coworking is when people assemble in a neutral space to work independently on different projects, or in groups on the same projects. It’s different than a typical office workspace because the people in a coworking environment generally aren’t working for the same company. Coworking spaces offer the same amenities you would find in a traditional office, along with a lot more.

A major differentiator is flexibility since you don’t need to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space. Every coworking space will always have basics like WiFi, printers, usually, some type of conference room… and some will have tea, coffee, and snacks available. Some will have startup resources at your disposal ranging from digital assets, and even coaches and advisors.

They may have 3D printers and other tech that you may not always have access to. Some budget-conscious coworking spaces are more barebones, offering little more than a desk and WiFi.

Coworking Space or Shared Space

Coworking space is a place where people of more than two organisations, companies, start-ups work under the same roof. In recent times is established very much and enhanced their superiority brilliantly and it just start treated as an extraordinary option. Only to those who just started their career recently and they are trying to grab some new opportunities. But they are getting a right path to achieve it, but coworking space is a platform especially for the newcomer. Such as entrepreneurs, interns, freelancers, start-up planner.

Coworking spaces protect you from unnecessary expenses and provide you with the best facilities they can. They’ll provide you with a cabin, meeting room, cafeteria and the list goes on. They’ll provide you with everything that you want in your dream office and that in a regular office.

Coworking spaces in Chandigarh have just started developing and the number of coworking spaces in Delhi is on a constant rise.

Wait…Is It “Coworking” or “Co-working”?

 If you are an entrepreneur or you just have a start-up plan and want to know before starting that perfectly that it’ll work or not. Then you must have to work in a coworking space that’ll give proper guidance and it’ll enhance your social interactions. And also you’ll able to get all the necessary market details which will help you in future without spending extra money. On the office rent, internet bills, electricity expenses, and many more expenses. Here you’ll be able to get all the things in a well-mannered way for which you don’t have to pay any kind of extra charge except the membership fee. 

 If you are not satisfied with the working environment or with the facilities which are provided by the particular coworking space then you can change or leave that particular coworking space without any kind of hesitation or any kind of procedure. And you’ll not have any kind of liability to yourself about everything and it’ll increase your productivity and also motivate you. 

 Privacy is a big concern and an issue in a coworking space. Because everyone can see which plan you are working on and the factors you are considering. They can also steal your plan, strategies or content.

In a coworking space, different types of people work in different types of sectors through which increases the level of disturbance.

For an individual, it will take a lot of time to adjust to new places full of new people from different units, different sectors.


Office space is a place where people of one organisation work under the same roof. In order to achieve the goal of an organization which is. The office is established in the 1700s. If you are a normal employee then an office space is good for you. Because in this also you don’t have to pay for office equipment and for other things as well. Office space provides you with proper privacy facilities.

You don’t need to be worried about your things and you’ll be able to focus on your things properly. They also provide you with some kind of facilities and some opportunities as well as for the personal development of yourself. The faculty also arrange some kind of training workshop to enhance an individual’s skills about a particular work. The disturbance level in an office is kind of low compared to coworking space.

If you’re not satisfied with the working environment or with the facilities. You just can’t leave the office without any kind of procedure.

If you’re an entrepreneur, start-up planner, then buying or taking an office on lease is not a good option for you. You have to bear all the losses and you have to take the liability of everything. And might be your personal assets can be wasted in the office at the beginning if you’re an entrepreneur. And you’ve to spend your money on some unnecessary things


According to this report, if you are an entrepreneur, startup planner then you must’ve to choose coworking spaces. Because it’ll protect you from the unnecessary wastage of money. That you’ll save for the future to invest in your business. And you don’t have to pay any kind of extra charges except the membership fee. If you’re an employee and you don’t have a plan to start your own business then you can choose an office as your workplace. Both of the places are good at their own places it is just a matter of thinking. About which thing you want to invest your time, energy and most importantly your money.


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