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Detailed dlinkrouter.local login and setup guide

D-Link offers a wide range of routers to suit different user needs. These routers can be used for business or home. Setting up these routers is easy. Even users with limited knowledge can install and set up these devices using the http://dlinkrouter.local login page. D-Link provides users with the most recent technology to ensure they can enjoy high-speed internet speeds. Thus, users can be assured of access to the fastest internet speeds.

Login to the dlinkrouter.local page

It is now easy to set up routers and configure the network settings. Even those with little technical knowledge can use these devices to configure their settings. This league contains a default D-Link router setup wizard that guides users through the configuration and installation process. You can always change the settings later by simply logging into the dlinkrouter.local setup wizard. Any compatible web browser can be used to access the http://dlinkrouter.local web address. This blog will walk you through the steps required to login to and set up your router using http://dlinkrouter.local login wizard.

Beginning with the dlinkrouter.local login

Before you begin with the D-Link router login process, you’ll need to connect your computer or wireless device to the router’s local network. Once you have, you can proceed with the login process easily. Steps you can follow to connect two:

Wired Connection

  • Connect an ethernet cable between one of the LAN ports on your router and the ethernet port on your computer system.
  • The computer will detect the internet connection automatically and show a notification once the connection is successful.

Wireless Connection

  • Launch the WiFi settings on the computer or wireless device and look for the D-Link router SSID in the available networks list.
  • Once the name is visible, select and click on Connect
  • The computer/wireless device will now attempt to connect to the network and show you a notification once it does.

Now, launch any browser and in address bar, you can type http://dlinkrouter.local and press enter. You will be redirected to the D-Link login wizard. If not, then your IP address to access the same.

You’ll see the login page appear on the screen with username and password fields. Type in the username and password details and then you will be logged into the D-link setup wizard.

How do I change my D-Link router password login?

The login password of the D-link Wi-Fi router can be changed using the www.dlinkrouter.local setup window. After completing the setup, the default password must be used. However, the user can change it at any time. If the router password is lost or forgotten, the password can only be recovered by resetting the device.

Dlink Wi-Fi router password reset

  1. Login to the web setup wizard using the login page.
  2. Use the default credential in the username field and mention the password the user used during setup of the Dlink router. Click the login button and the dlinkrouter.local main screen appears.
  3. Click on the Management tab, then select the System Admin tab. The Password tab will be found.
  4. Fill in the password tab by entering the password you would like to keep.
  5. Click on the Save button to save your password with the new credentials.

Note: Your password should be strong enough to prevent unwelcome and anonymous users accessing your network. You can use a combination of the uppercase and lowercase letters along with the special characters.

Why is dlinkrouter.local not working?

Before you resolve the dlinkrouter.local problem, ensure that there isn’t any internet disconnection between your router and the computer. A user may not connect to the router’s web interface for different reasons. These are different steps you can take to fix the dlinkrouter.local problem:

  1. Verify that the router has an active internet connection. This could be why your device isn’t connect to Wi-Fi.
  2. Ensure that you are using the exact router network password at the time of connection. The back of your device can be used to retrieve default wireless credentials.
  3. Disconnect your Dlink router from the router network. After about 30 seconds reconnect to the router using correct Wireless credentials.
  4. While accessing the dlinkrouter.local web interface, use a compatible web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  5. Try switching to the router’s LAN IP address instead of the default web address. You can also check the IP address using the command prompt application. Use the command ipconfig to retrieve the details.
  6. Check that your computer isn’t connected to any other wireless connection. Access to the dlinkrouter.local login page may be interrupt by other network connections.
  7. Reboot your computer or wireless device that you are using once. After waiting for at least two minutes, reconnect the devices.
  8. The dlinkrouter.local problem can sometimes be caused by cache memory getting piled up in a web browser. Use the Settings tab to erase the browser’s history and memory.
  9. Temporarily disable the firewall, ad blocking, and other antivirus programs. Once you have configured the settings, re-enable the same.

Additional troubleshooting steps

If none of the troubleshooting tips discussed above work, you can factory reset your Dlink router. To factory reset your router, you’ll need to use the push button method. Resetting your router will erase any customizations you have made to n/w settings. Therefore, before you reset the router, make sure you take a backup of your router configuration so in case anything goes wrong, you can restore the previous settings easily. Once ready, you can follow the steps as mentioned:

  • Locate RESET button on the bottom of the router.
  • Press and hold same for about 10 seconds or until Power LED flashes. Some routers may require you to press the button for longer. Keep holding the button till the LEDs flash altogether.
  • Once they do, release the button and the router will reboot automatically. Allow some time for the router to reboot and then reconfigure the router to your preferred settings.

Need more help with the dlinkrouter.local login page access? Reach out to the team, we have a team for skilled technical professionals, so if you have a query about any D-link router model, then no worry about that.


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