Designing a Step and Repeat Banner

Celebrities are often seen walking down the red carpet at events like Grammys or Academy Awards. You may picture them in front of a background that has repeating patterns of logos. This type of signage is also known as a “step and repeat banner” and can be used as background for photos at many types of events.

The repeat and step banners create a beautiful setting for guests and attendees to take photographs. For businesses, they double-duty as an excellent, non-intrusive way of advertising your sponsors and company, You can choose from a range of sizes, and you have the option to design them in many different ways depending upon what effect you are trying to achieve.

This article will show you the basics and the details of creating a step and repeat banner for your event.

Companies around the globe use Step & Repeat banners to promote their products and services in a non-intrusive manner. They offer a wonderful setting for guests and attendees to take photographs while supporting sponsors and businesses. You can choose from a range of sizes, and there are many ways to customize them to create the desired effect. This is how a repeat banner can be used to amaze your audience at your next business event.

Size Matters

You must first decide on the size of your banner. These two questions are key to determining the banner’s size:

A Seamless banner equals a seamless event

Your repeat and step banners must be seamless. This means that you should not have two banner pieces joined together with a big seam at the center. This is not something you want in your event. Do your research to find the best banner for you.

Let There Come, Matte,

Make sure your custom step and repeat banner have a matte finish when you buy it. A glossy banner is not good for use as a backdrop, as the additional shiny material can create glare that disrupts the photos being taken.

Combine a Grey Background

Even though your banner may have a matte finish, a bright white background can create a glare that can decrease photo quality. This can be overcome by using a grey background. You will still see the white background, just without the glare.

How to Create the Perfect Step & Repeat Banner

A banner design is very important. The banner will promote and represent your company in the same way as any other promotional item. The key is to make it subtle and subtle, not bold and big. This is not rocket science. Follow these quick tips to create your custom step and repeat banner, and promote your way to success.


The most important thing when designing your custom repeat and step banner is to remember that they are meant to make the background look more appealing while keeping the focus on what you want to photograph. You can make any event look like a red carpet event by using them to create a unique atmosphere. Photos taken on the red carpet can be viewed for years both online and in print. So make sure you create a banner of pride.

Make Your Logos “Just Right” Sized

Your logo should appear multiple times, so the background does not seem overwhelming. In a typical photo, there should be at most two to four visible logos and a maximum of five or six. A rectangle logo should be 9″ to 11″, while a square or circular logo will look best in the 5″ to 8.5″ range.

Because tiny logos can be hard to read in photos, they can look unprofessional. A photo with three-quarters of an enormous logo hidden by the subject’s arms and half of a logo barely peeking out of the corner can result in awkward-looking logos. Your brand’s marketing goals can be undermined if your logo is too large or too small. Make sure to test your design by scaling down the image and superimposing a figure. You can also print a test banner.

Use muted hues

Logo designs should be easily readable and elegant. Avoid using colors that are too brightly or poorly contrasted. You can always reduce the intensity of your colors to make them more subtle. Otherwise, it may appear as if they “bleed” in photos.

Author: Siddhi Chothani

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