Design your Kids Room with Merino Imagino Laminates

Designing rooms for your children may seem like an easy task, but it is more sophisticated than you deem.  An adult’s room is relatively easy to decorate because their personalities, choices and preferences will mostly be well established and constant. With kids, it is different. They are changing physically and mentally every day and so are their likes and preferences. It is important to sit down with your kids and understand how they would like their rooms to be decorated. As vibrant little ones, they will of course have many over the top ideas, but you can help them streamline them and arrive at a practical yet fun idea to implement. Involving your kids in the process of decorating their room will be more enjoyable than just picking out ideas on your own.

When it comes to decorating rooms for kids, the most popular trend is to use digitally printed laminates. The best thing about digital laminates is that you can use it on a variety of surfaces in your kids’ room- walls, play areas, study tables, wardrobes, chairs and basically on whatever you want them on. Digital laminates help bring your kids imagination alive lets their room stand apart from the rest of the rooms- which is exactly what kids want, to have the most fun room in the house. This helps their imagination thrive, and aid in the process of personality development. There is a digital laminate for every child, no matter what their preferences may be. Digital laminates are easy to install, not too hard on your budget, and extremely stress-free to maintain. They are also highly resistant to moisture, impact, scratch and abrasion which means that you can be at peace while your kids play in their rooms knowing no irreversible damage can be done.

Decorate your child’s room with Imagino- Customized digital laminate from Merino laminates. Imagino comes with superior print technology, ensuring a durable wall laminate. With  Imagino, the possibilities in design are limitless. Allow your kids to discover their own identity through digital laminates from Merino. No matter where their dreams lie- with Imagino, they can all be brought to life. Digital laminates from Merino stands apart from others because we offer options that cover all your kids’ needs in three distinct ways. You can select from an existing range of digital laminates, use some of your child’s most precious memories on customised laminates or simply use a captured image to customise it and decorate your kid’s furniture with it.  Whether they are ardent admirers of cartoons and fairy tales, or gentle and passionate lovers of their animal friends, or fervent race car enthusiasts, they can dream on with Imagino digital laminates.

In just a couple of simple steps as spelt out on our website, Merino makes designing your kid’s room the most memorable experience you will share with them. Visit our website to also experience Imagino Virtual Room- which will allow you to explore limitless possibilities of designing your kid’s room with digital laminates.

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