Decorating a guy’s den with purple wallpaper

All folks need an area where we will just be ourselves and lock in the remainder of the planet. If you’ve got a spare room in your house, why not consider turning it into your own private den? Most guys like to have their own getaway place, simply to relax out or catch up with life.

A den should be an extension of your personality and should not be about showing it off to people. Close ones should see shades of purple wallpaper and splashes of you and your likes in your den. So, where does one start?

Dressing Up the space

First visualize how you would like the space to seem . If you already know what quite furniture you would like to possess , then deciding the colour of your walls and other unique wall decorating ideas will be tons easier. A guy’s room should be a balanced blend of both personality and masculinity. Painting each wall up different shades that merge well together may be a great way to offer the space a bright bold look.

Walls with wooden panels and textured floors to match look great also , and if you favor carpets, then check the carpet shade to that of the wall paint. If your furniture is darker in shade, then it’s preferable to possess light shades on the wall or the space will look too flashy.

The furniture you place within the room depends on how you to decide to use the space . A computer table, a chair and a bookcase are ideal for creating a study. A couple of bean bags, comfortable sofas, a little cocktail table and a few of shelves or cabinets will complete the space. That way, you will not be short on space for storing , and entertaining friends won’t be a drag

Empty walls make an area look bare so come up with some original and interesting wall decorating ideas. for instance, consider putting up a couple of home décor wall accessories like metal wall hangings, paintings or maybe a wine rack.

Ideally, the lighting within the room should be neither too dim nor too bright. Simple wall sconces will do the trick. Lamps can enhance the design of an area also. Lava lamps, UFO lamps, lamps with patterns and themed wallpaper lamps with a beach or sports theme will look even as great.

Adding your Personal Touch

Now comes the fun part! After the essential interior is completed , its time to make a decision on the theme.

If you’re keen on golf, why not choose wall murals with gold course patterns on them, and an identical green carpet on the floor? a couple of trophies, books on golf, framed posters of golf players, a display of your clubs on the wall, and even upholstery during a golf design, will complete the design .

If sailing is your passion, how a few nautical theme for the room? you’ll choose light blue wallpaper or use blue green, white or deep blue wall of silence paint for a vibrant look. Framed pictures of the ocean or a world political map on the wall, a painted rug during a sailboat shape, and lightweight sheer drapes, will give the impression that you simply are stumped . Pillows, cushions and lamps can have nautical themes also . Low furniture, a bench placed under a window and even an aquarium will complete the theme.

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