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Debunking the Most Common ERP System Myths That Exist Today

The worldwide ERP software market’s annual value is $25 billion, and it grows 10-20% every year.

Without a doubt, a business that has adopted an ERP system has experienced tremendous success and growth. This has led to the growth of the ERP software industry.

With this growth, many misconceptions have emerged and continue to be associated with the software. This has discouraged some companies from investing in it.

To understand what’s true and not true about ERPs, stay with us as we debunk these top myths.

ERP Software Is Very Expensive

Indeed, some of the most advanced, complex, and high-end ERP solutions tend to be very expensive. This has made the myth even more powerful, and most businesses are skeptical whether the returns are worth the huge investments. While the fear is valid, labeling all ERP software expensive is unfair.

ERP software vendors offer competitive and variable pricing depending on the usage and system customization. Also, substantial technical advancements in cloud computing and mobile solutions have positively impacted the cost of ERP systems. Thanks to this, you can get the best ERP solution for you at very affordable prices.

Enterprise Resource Planning Is Only Good for Big Businesses

Probably the reason why this myth is so prevalent is that there’s an element of truth in it. Initially, ERP systems were typically used by larger firms. The worst part is that due to the myth’s prevalence, most small businesses are missing out on the numerous benefits having an ERP system offers.

With modern technological advancements, ERP software has become increasingly customizable. This has made it possible for smaller businesses to streamline their business processes by acquiring customized software.

ERP systems come in a variety of sizes and designs. Choosing the best ERP software for a large or small organization is critical for successful adoption and long-term success.

ERP System Is One Size Fit All

It’s incredible how a helpful business tool like ERP software continues to attract absurd myths. It’s not logical to assume that one system can handle different business processes. However, this doesn’t seem to slow down the spread of this myth.

As different businesses have different processes, it’s paramount that a company chooses the right software. For example, if a company specializes in a single product, a system designed for multiple products is not right.

ERP System Favors Managers and Executives

With an ERP system, managers and executives get essential information that helps make crucial decisions. However, these benefits don’t end here; they trickle down to all different levels of the organization.

Enterprise resource planning facilitates extensive information exchange. This enhances communication and project planning, reduces work duplication, and lowers acquisition expenses.

ERP Systems Are Only for Impressing Customers

With a well-executed system, the business runs smoothly without major interruptions. For anyone who sees the seamless operation, will without a doubt, be impressed.

However, impressing customers is nowhere near the reason why businesses use ERP software.

Don’t Let Myths Hold You Back

Here you have it; these are just myths. Don’t wait until it’s too late to invest in an ERP system. Sort through the erroneous data so you can make the best decisions for your company.

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