Debunking the Most Common Commercial Painting Myths That Exist Today

Did you know the painting industry is projected to grow by 5%? That’s because more people know the importance of a great paint job — in both the home and the office.

If you want to give your workplace a fresh coat of paint, it’s especially important that you hire a professional. Your office is the first impression for your clients and your employees. Nothing guarantees a job well-done like a professional painter.

However, there are many commercial painting myths out there and they make finding the best painting company more of a challenge than it should be. Here, we expose the most common myths and reveal the truth.

Myth: You Don’t Need to Clean the Walls

Washing your walls before painting is integral. This cuts out any grime, dust, cobwebs, and stains. All of these can prevent your paint from adhering, resulting in less-than-perfect results.

While professional painters will clean your walls before applying primer, it’s recommended you start the cleaning process on your end. Fortunately, this is very easy. Combine lukewarm water and dish soap in a bucket. Use a sponge or cloth to wash the walls and rinse them with water. Let them dry.

Myth: You Don’t Need Primer If You Use Multiple Coats of Paint

Using a primer is essential, even if you plan on using multiple coats of paint. A primer creates a barrier between the wall and paint, ensuring the new paint doesn’t soak into the wall. Primer also hides blemishes in the wall, so the results are better.

In addition, using a primer means you likely don’t need multiple coats of paint. For most projects, one or two coats of paint are sufficient.

Myth: DIY Is Cheaper Than a Professional

Since you’re painting your business, you don’t want to compromise quality. The money you spend on a professional is worth it. Not only that but hiring a pro is cheaper than you think. Professional and local painters not only have the expertise but also the equipment, so you don’t have to buy it yourself.

You’re also certain that a professional will do a quality job. This saves you time, ensuring you don’t have to redo your paint job over again.

Myth: You Can Do as Good of a Job as a Professional

You may think that painting your office can’t be that hard. So, why spend the money? And if you have some free time coming up, you may think you might as well paint your workplace yourself.

Again, painting contractors come with years of experience in the field. No matter how many home improvement projects you have done, commercial painters do this task every day and know the ins and outs of the job.

Here’s an example. You may purchase the wrong materials, the paint may look different on the sample than on your walls, and you may make other simple mistakes that we covered already. You’ll have to paint your walls again, and you may have to spend even more money on materials.

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate. Hire a professional. Spend your money and free time toward smarter things.

Myth: Brand Names Don’t Matter

Do you prefer one type of coffee over another? Why? Because it tastes better, right? This concept is the same for paint. No two coffee brands are the same, and no two paint brands are the same.

There are brands that sell better quality paints, and those are the ones you should use. They will not only look better but will last longer than cheaper paints.

Not only that, but commercial paint is actually different from residential paint. The biggest paint brands offer both and expand their lines consistently to meet current demands.

Myth: Painters Only Use Specific Materials

Fortunately, your commercial painter will provide all of the materials and paint for your project. But don’t think you need to stick with their recommendations. If there’s a specific color, paint brand, or any other preference on your part, communicate this to your painter. They may have no problem meeting your requests.

What if you already have the materials? The painter may use them and might even provide a discount since they don’t need to use or buy more materials.

Keep in mind, professional painters may want to use specific brands and materials because they trust them. They may also have relationships with certain paint companies and may want to use their products to better promote them. Some painters may also refuse to use your recommended materials because they don’t want to risk a bad job.

Myth: Professional Painters Have No Skills and Training

Again, you may think you can do as well of a job painting DIY as a professional. That’s because many people think painting comes with no skills or training.

You may watch a YouTube video and see a Pinterest post and immediately think you’re a pro. Even if you have painted your home before, you risk imperfections and other errors. You can’t afford to risk a bad paint job in your workplace — especially if you don’t know how to fix them.

In reality, the professional painting job comes with training and even certifications. As stated previously, professional painters are painting commercial property every day. Their skills come from training and experience. They not only know the right tips and tricks but also have the right materials and tools to get the job done.

Myth: The Business Next Door Got Professional Painting, So We Will Pay the Same Amount

If you were referred to a painting business by another business owner, they likely spilled some details about the price they paid. You may think you will pay the same amount of money for your paint job.

Keep in mind that all paint jobs are done on an individual basis. Even if your building is the same size as the other person’s building, there may be more considerations that can either increase or decrease the price. These considerations include:

  • Surface
  • Labor
  • Primer
  • Materials
  • Number of paint coats

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask a painter about the quote they provide. You shouldn’t nickel-and-dime a paint job, but you can at least know what you’re paying for.

Time for Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is one of the many ways to improve the look of your business. If any of these myths held you back, we hope this post helped you understand the importance of hiring a professional painter for your business. Continue reading our blog for more business advice.

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