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Debunking 5 Common Myths about PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Hair is an important component of one’s personality and affects their overall appearance. Not only this, people are really conscious about their hair styling and overall appearance considering the fact that hair compliments their features and personality. However, just like flawless skin, hair is not forever.

Ageing, the routine process of our lives, tends to change our appearances in so many ways and one of them is the change in your hair. While some people experience the grey hair strands with age, for many others change in hair growth pattern makes all the difference.

Hair growth and ageing

The change isn’t only limited to the change in hair growth patterns but also takes in other forms of changes. No matter what people opt for a variety of hair loss treatment options depending upon their choice and the extent of hair loss. From shampoos and oils to oral medications and hair transplant, all these options exist.

My uncle opted for the hair transplant procedure and went to Reshape U Clinic in Lahore where the experts helped him to choose the hair transplant treatment that suited him the most.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment- hair loss treatment option

Other than hair transplant surgeries, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is an effective hair loss treatment approach that is ruling the market. In this treatment, the patient’s blood is drawn from the body and blood plasma is extracted, then this extracted plasma is applied to the scalp of the patient which helps to initiate the growth of hair.  

Myths about PRP treatment

PRP treatment just like other hair loss treatment has its own pros and cons, but there are many misconceptions about this treatment, revealed a renowned cosmetologist from Hassan Clinic during a webinar. Some of the common myths about PRP treatment include;

1- This therapy isn’t safe

One of the common misconceptions about PRP treatment says that the treatment is not safe. The questions on the risk of treatment arise due to the utilization of plasma during therapy. It is considered that plasma therapy isn’t safe because it takes plasma and may have side effects, however, it’s not true.

The treatment is exceptionally safe and the reason behind this is that plasma therapy uses a person’s own plasma to treat the problem so there is no chance of getting a reaction or potential side effect, thus the questions on the safety of this treatment hold no ground.

2- PRP treatment isn’t scientifically approved

Many people believe that PRP is an experimental procedure and is used on a hit and trial basis but that’s not true at all. Treatment was first used in the 1970s and was formulated to treat thrombocytopenia. Since then the treatment is extensively used to treat a variety of problems. There is thorough research on the mechanism of this technique and it has been successfully used for the past few decades.

3- PRP treatment is only for males

It is commonly believed that PRP treatment is only effective for males and not for women. The fact is, the treatment is equally effective for people irrespective of their genders. The outcomes of treatment only depend upon how well the treatment was performed because the pattern of hair loss is different in men and women and only an expert can handle it properly.

4- PRP is painful

Another common misconception that might deter people from the treatment is the extent of pain. Platelets are injected into the scalp of patients and the pain experienced during this is so mild that patients don’t even go for anaesthetics. Unlike other popular treatments of hair loss, this is the least painful one. 

5- PRP treatment is costly 

Next in the list of PRP myths is the concern questioning the cost of this treatment. General perception says that PRP treatment is quite costly however, it’s merely a myth. When compared with other treatments and other home-remedies, PRP offers better results and is quite cost-effective. Results of PRP are also quite satisfactory and long term when compared with these other treatment methods so, the question on PRP cost is just a myth that shouldn’t be believed.  

6- PRP treatment is only for your cosmetics problem

Considering the popular uses of PRP therapy it is often believed that this treatment is for cosmetic uses. PRP is commonly used for facial rejuvenation and it is an effective solution for hair loss, due to these uses PRP is considered as a cosmetic treatment. However, the facts are quite opposite. Other than these, PRP treatment is also used for pain relief and to speed up the healing process of the body. 

7- PRP is a surgical treatment

Just like all the other methods of hair transplant, PRP is also considered as a surgical procedure. However, in reality PRP is a minimally invasive treatment that is nearly-surgical. So, if you were rethinking your PRP treatment decision only after hearing this myth, then it’s time to clear your thoughts and make an informed decision. 

8- Results of PRP are immediate

PRP treatment can’t implant new hair follicles in your scalp and that’s why the results of treatment are not immediate. It can take up to 6 weeks to see the results of PRP treatment as the platelets used in the treatment can stimulate hair growth. It is also important to consider that the result of PRP treatment also depends upon a number of factors including the age, pattern of hair loss and the genetics of the person.

Bottom Line!

Hair loss is a common problem in both men and women. PRP treatment is a proven hair loss treatment used for decades. PRP treatment offers multiple benefits with no side effects. Not only this, but PRP treatment is used for many other purposes including cosmetic procedures and pain relief etc. This year’s old treatment is quite safe and offers good and long-term results. 

There are scientific studies that support the efficacy of this amazing treatment. So, in case you are thinking of getting a hair loss treatment, consider PRP and consult with the relevant physician that can help you to make an informed decision.

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