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DBQ Essay Writing can be a bit cumbersome for students because they frequently necessitate a high level of academic knowledge as well as the capacity to think “outside the box.” But have no worry, TutorBin’s easy-to-follow instructions can help you master DBQs! Continue reading to learn how to write and format a DBQ, as well as important DBQ tactics and recommendations. 

In AP examinations, US history exams, and European history exams, DBQ (Document-Based Question) essays are regularly asked. DBQ is based on multiple documents regarding a given time or topic, as the name suggests.

You must go over these materials and figure out how they are related, as well as any era-specific trends. Remember that you don’t just have to explain the events; you also have to evaluate them, much like a historian does with primary sources and establish the chain of events.

To create a DBQ essay, you must concentrate on two primary aspects: appropriate planning and the application of effective approaches. In the AP exam, you typically get 15 minutes to read and 40 minutes to write the DBQ essay (the total time given is 55 minutes).

You must spend the first 15 minutes understanding the essay question, considering it, and organizing the documents. It is not necessary to begin writing before 15 minutes has passed; instead, utilize this time to plan your paper. Even if this work appears to be a difficult nut to crack, if you follow these DBQ academic writing strategies, you will be able to effortlessly crack it. Come and look through the writing strategies that I have composed for you.

  1. Read the question and make sure you understand it.

Determine crucial details such as the place, personality, and time. If you’re answering a compare and contrast inquiry, make a note of these details. Make a list of your points of view and any additional facts you can think of that relate to this subject. Make sure you complete your brainstorming before reading the documents because it would be tough to think of other things if your mind is occupied with paperwork. You’ll be in a better position to answer the question correctly after you comprehend it. These points need you in your homework help to get good grades.

  1. Conduct a thorough examination of the documents

You must study as many documents as possible, even if the amount of documents varies from exam to exam. In addition, you must provide evidence to back up your claims. Articles, speeches, letters, legislation excerpts, charts, photos, maps, and diary entries are all examples of documents. Some of the documents will be familiar to you, but nearly all of them will be unfamiliar. 

  1. Write down the text’s main point in a few sentences.

Determine who created the document. Answer the questions in the context of the document. Make a list of the most essential events from the documents. To fully examine the material, sort the documents into separate groups. This material will be useful when writing an essay. Instead of using labels like “document 1” or “document 2,” use the document’s title.

  1. Make a thesis assertion.

Make a synopsis of your essay and determine what you already know and which documents you will utilize in your writing. And then a new paragraph for each concept you want to address.

  1. Write an article

The most important goal is to develop a decent thesis with strong and clear paragraphs that answer the essay question and are correctly concluded.

  • Introduction: Introduce the reader to the subject. Give the topic’s historical context, as well as the ideas you’ll convey and a thesis.
  • Paragraphs in the body: This part usually consists of two or more paragraphs. Discuss only one idea in each paragraph. Examine the documents that you had divided into groups. Begin with the first group of documents and express the topic statement at the beginning of each paragraph. Make use of as many documents as possible. Write down the material you acquired in class and use the papers to back up your claims.
  • Make sure that each point is related to the thesis statement and is backed up with appropriate documentation or external data. To get the most credit for DBQ academic writing, it’s critical to use external sources. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the DBQ essay. You can utilize the evidence to present an argument in support of your stance.
  • Conclusion: Begin by summarising your DBQ essay’s goal and providing a summary of the topics you’ve stated in earlier sections. Discuss the essay question’s relevance in today’s world. If you don’t have time to compose a big conclusion, instead of concluding your essay abruptly, end it with a few phrases.
  1. Double-check your work (Proofreading)

You should edit your DBQ essays after you’ve finished writing them to ensure that you’ve used the correct names, dates, and documents. Check the essay’s flow and that all of the paragraphs are in a logical arrangement.

What is the examiner looking for?

The examiner is looking for the following information:

  • An essay demonstrating that the student has correctly understood the texts and incorporated relevant outside information.
  • Facts and instances are used to back up points.
  • The importance, dependability, and authenticity of the documents displayed in your essay are all taken into account.
  • Various evidence from documents is interlaced throughout the major body of the essay to explore opposing points of view.
  • An introduction, thesis, and conclusion are all well-written.

Final verdict

It’s crucial to know how to write a DBQ and how to use the APUSH DBQ format. However, practice makes you perfect! Don’t forget to practice your time management skills as much as possible. This will allow you to breeze through the DBQ exam with ease. Don’t be scared to request strong DBQ example essays as well as a grading rubric or assessment guide from your instructor. The grading rubric/assessment guide will help you understand exactly what the examiner is looking for in your essay. In case you need an essay writing service, you can always reach out to TutorBin for the best essay writing help. 

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