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Daily Purge of Subscription Emails? Decluttering Tools You’ll Want

Experts predict that you get around 121 emails a day if you have a work email address. Assuming you work an eight-hour day, you’d have to read 15 emails an hour to catch up with that.

Who has that kind of time?! You have your actual job to do. And unfortunately, those statistics don’t include the personal emails you have to attend to at lunch and after work.

Most of those emails are subscription emails from things you didn’t want to sign up for or no longer use. Going through them one by one is a massive pain.

But we have technology that can do that for you. Learn about the best ways to keep an organized inbox below.

Use Unroll.Me

This free tool allows you to see what subscription emails you have in your inbox. From there, you have a few choices. You can unsubscribe from that sender, block them, or choose to put them in a “roll-up.”

Your “roll up: will come from Unroll.me’s email and include a combination of the emails you chose to combine. That way, you can glance at all your shoe sales emails (for example) at once without having to open each one individually.

This service is free, but you allow the program access to your emails, which it uses to learn about your shopping habits. You can learn about how they use your data on their website.

Use Gmail’s Built-In Tools

A few years ago, Google rolled out its different inbox “sections.” These use technology to sort your emails into “Inbox,” “Social,” “Promotions,” and “Updates.” From personal use, it’s right about 90% of the time.

In this writer’s opinion, the best part about this feature is that your inbox “count” will only show the number of unread emails in your primary inbox. That means you can achieve inbox zero without opening all the spam sent from Facebook, Shopping sites, Amazon, etc.

You can create different rules for your inbox and folders, no matter what email company you use. Just Google “how to make rules in (insert inbox name).”

Use a Paid Service

We know we know you came here to learn how you could get rid of subscription emails, not sign up for a new one. But if that one new one could get rid of hundreds of emails you have no interest in reading, wouldn’t it be worth it?

These tools allow you to mass delete emails, unsubscribe from emails, and clean up your inbox. Take a look at the best email decluttering tool on the web.

Cleaning Up Your Subscription Emails and More

In this guide, we looked at two free, and one paid way to declutter your inbox. The tools above will help you achieve inbox zen and reduce the number of subscription emails you get. Who doesn’t want that?

For more helpful content, bookmark our blog. No emails required!

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