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If you’re a business owner who is interested in providing a valet parking service to your customers, you should know that the systems are now more automated than they were in the past. As opposed to tons of paperwork and having an attendant do everything, customers can now put more of the process into their own hands, which means it is faster and simpler for them. To do all this, you need the right software and companies such as CVPS.Solutions are a great place to start. They offer CVPS computerized parking systems that are user-friendly and save both the business owner and customer a lot of time and money.

If you’re interested in a computerized valet parking system, or CVPS, take a look at the following advantages offered by CVPS.Solutions:

Pay by Phone

One of the most popular features of these software packages is the ability for the customers to pay for the services without having to hand over their credit or debit card to an attendant. They can do it all on their smartphone without even downloading an app, which is super convenient. They also feel more comfortable because they are in more control over the entire process. They can add gratuities if they like, and the app even blocks out the customer’s personal information for extra safety.

With this feature, the customer gets several different ways to pay for their services, and best of all, it allows for seamless contactless services. The days of paying by check are over because with pay by phone, you get the versatility you need to pay when and where you’re ready.

A Ticketless Valet

People love CVPS arrangements because they save a lot of resources and are therefore more eco-friendly. Without downloading an app, customers can make a reservation, pay for their valet service, and get their receipt right on their smartphone. But it does much more than that.

This “ticketless” feature allows the valet business to send customer satisfaction surveys and even reduce the number of lost claim tickets issued.

Think about it: when a customer makes a reservation and receives a digital ticket on a smartphone, that ticket is always with them. There is no losing the ticket or misplacing it, which is good for the business owner because there is much less chance that the customer will claim that there is no ticket to prove which car is theirs.

Online Reservation Integrations

Making reservations online is simple and fast for the customer, even if that customer isn’t the most tech-savvy person on the planet. One of the many advantages of an online reservation is that if the customer arrives early or leaves late, the business doesn’t have to have an attendant to take care of the situation. Early arrivals and late departures are taken care of online and are therefore super simple to deal with, saving the customer and the business a lot of hassle.

The truth is that a lot of people want to conduct certain actions online instead of making a phone call or going to a business in person. When they make a reservation online, they get instant confirmation of the reservation and can make that reservation anytime, including in the middle of the night. There are indeed numerous reasons for valet parking customers making their reservations online.

Stand-Alone Validators

Of course, not all CVPS computerized features benefit the customer alone. For instance, stand-alone validators are there to offer customers advantages such as a tabletop, wall, or floor configuration; a sleek, modern design that looks good wherever you put it; wireless options when preferred; and very fast, user-friendly capability. Businesses love these features because they allow for more options when deciding on the exact model they wish to own.

In other words, these validators make it easy for both the business owner and the customers, providing both with a device that benefits them and simply makes life a lot easier for them. These validators are especially convenient for businesses such as hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, among others.

Web-Based Validations

Keep in mind that all of these CVPS features are web-based. In practical terms, it means that customers can use the features via their smartphones, tablet, or computer. The CVPS.Solutions software also works with both Android and iOS systems, and it is even useful when you have a multi-tenant or multi-location business. The software is customizable to meet your specific needs, and it even gives you the option of using barcodes or QR codes to make things easier on you.

One of the main reasons people use a good CVPS is because of its online capabilities. Unless you live under a rock, you’ll have at least the basic skills needed to take advantage of this type of system.

Contactless Payment

Here is yet another huge advantage of offering customers a computerized parking system. You can send them a bill on their smartphone even without them downloading an app, and you can offer them numerous ways to pay for the services. Best of all, they can play whenever and wherever they like, and it only takes a few touches of a button to do this. Contactless payment also means that customers can use iPay or Google Pay if they like. Paying for valet parking services has never been so simple and fast.

Guest Access Control

Finally, the CVPS computerized features are offered by CVPS.Solutions software gives the guests more control over the entire process. They have a variety of features they can use so that they don’t need an attendant to do the work for them. They can receive confirmation of their reservation on their smartphone, have their claim ticket sent to them digitally, and even have various ways to pay for their services. They can use QR codes or barcodes and sometimes go through the entire process without speaking with an attendant.

Computerized valet parking systems are indeed easier and faster than previous systems were. They are user-friendly and don’t even require customers to download an app. CVPS.Solutions have all of these features and more, so this is a good place to start when you need this type of software.

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