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Digital Marketing

Custom Website vs. Template Website: Which is Right for Your Business?

Thinking to invest in a new website for your business? If yes, a question may be bothering you! Which suits you best and what differences you need to understand before you go for website development are important elements.

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Fact: 48% cited the design of a website as a factor in determining the credibility of a business

For some companies, website templates are great solutions, while others prefer custom websites. Therefore, here are some things that a website design company in Kolkata, India, emphasizes before taking a step forward.

Working Capacity

For starters, not all templates can be fully responsive. But mobile traffic accounts for more than half of Internet users; Thus, accountability is more than a compulsion. If you are planning serious e-commerce with a website, a custom site would be helpful.

On the other hand, template-based sites are not flexible and do not accommodate the backend of the e-commerce model. Another major issue is security. Hackers prefer template-based sites. In fact, a single piece of malicious code can hack thousands of sites at once.

Custom sites make them less susceptible to hacking. Website templates lack control over user experience. The UI is undoubtedly central, and a website design company helps businesses focus on their customers.


Website templates are “one size fixes all” solutions. They come with many features that you sometimes don’t need. Some coding conflicts can also arise when you try to increase functionality on your site.

A template-based site may look acceptable now, but it may not look appropriate when your company starts growing. Similarly, additional features can significantly slow down the loading speed of the site when traffic increases. Functional boundaries only get worse as the number of visitors increases.

Fact: More than 40% of people ran away from the site when loading for more than 3%

A custom website provides the flexibility to work within your budget and add the latest features as needed. Your website design company will also build a site that meets your current objectives, ensuring that the site is scalable. You should know that there are no inherent limitations on the amount of user traffic of custom sites.


You need to consider your website for branding purposes. If you want to develop then this is a big thing. If brand positioning is among the objectives, then only the custom site will work. Template-based sites may not necessarily provide a level of personalization. It cannot design a site that reflects the specific personality, status, or identity of your brand.

Fact: More than 78% of potential customers do research online before finalizing products and services

Templates place a lot of restrictions on your ability to differentiate a brand and express values ​​and proposals powerfully. When going for a custom website, a web design company offers you a blank slate and allows you to create a unique experience and create an emotional connection with your customers.

With these types of connective experiences, you can get help in building trust and brand loyalty.


The other obvious reality with custom websites is that they take time to design and build. It may take 2 to 4 months to launch a quality custom website. Likewise, it also depends on the size and complexity of its characteristics. There is no way to speed up this process due to the inclusion of many mobile parts. This includes

  • Plan
  • Wireframes
  • development
  • The design
  • copywriting
  • Photography
  • Testing
  • Customization

Many professionals have to work on a custom-designed website. And, if you’re in a hurry to get a website live, you’ll probably have to settle for a template website.

In cases where the timeline is a problem, our website development company recommends going with a temporary landing page or perhaps a multi-dimensional single-page website. We do not recommend trying a comprehensive site at an early time.


You should know that your website has a purpose, and to bring that business. Therefore, never touch a budget. This is the most inclusive representation of your brand. It is a central hub for marketing and business initiatives. Meanwhile, your website is the place where your customer will always get you 24X7.

A quality custom website does not come cheap. It is a fact that not every company can afford one. If you are planning for a budget website, a template website is probably the best thing. This gives you a pre-packaged design with a clean and functional surface.

Digital Marketing

Though we’d urge you need to stay here for sharpening your understanding. After all, additional knowledge hasn’t harmed anyone.

Thus, coming back to what’s Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing means advertising but via online mediums. In case you’ve got a service or product or you’re a company. That wishes to market and inform people about its solutions more readily and quickly, then Digital Marketing is exactly what you ought to select. Not thinking us? Do not worry, you’ll! Continue reading.

As a company, you have to have considered setting your brand’s name on the current market and that’s precisely what Digital Marketing will help you attain i.e. Branding of your company. With the world becoming competitive, it is important to produce a special title and location of your company in people’s heads that finally is beneficial for making a solid remember value of your company. And today you’d be thinking about, how can it be possible, how do you tell people about your solutions. Your thoughts asked you that, has not it?

Digital Advertising utilizes different approaches to reach one crucial goal through different avenues. Believe it like that, Digital Marketing is your firm, the plans are the workers of the company working in various departments but all workers work for the exact same organization to achieve 1 purpose – making the company successful.

In the same way, all Digital Marketing Strategies operate collectively for creating visitors, generating awareness, and changing leads to loyal clients for the business enterprise. Based on figures, 63 percent of buying decisions start online.

How To Spend Your Leftover Digital Marketing Budget

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