Custom printed perfume boxes enhance the looks of perfumes

Every time Elsa has to select perfumes as gifts, she makes sure to go for eye-candy custom printed perfume boxes. Everyone at her workplace and home loved her choice. Her siblings called her to get information about the trending perfumes when they run out of the old ones. Her mother always asked her to get perfumes whenever she had to gift them. She blindly trusted her choice. Elsa was good at spotting the elegant custom printed perfume boxes. She knows that a luxuriously packaged perfume has more value in the recipient’s eyes than an individually packed bottle. Every weekend Elsa and her friends met at the mall. They would enjoy a meal at the food court. While her friends would depart, Elsa would check out perfumes at the various gift stores, cosmetic stores, and perfume shops, etc.

Her dressing counter at home looked elegant with mesmerizing vials and bottles of perfumes. Elsa had taken a few large ones and converted them into vases for water-based growing plants. A few years ago, she gave her father and brother sea-inspired perfume packaging boxes.  They were in the shape of a ship-wheel. Although their perfume bottles have long finished, her father and brother are still using these boxes to store their accessories like mobile, watch, important documents, etc. It made the boxes for perfumes from strong cardboard stocks, which are printed using premium print technologies. They enhance their looks using exclusive add-ons and features like Spot UV, foil stamping, etc. These boxes play a significant role in establishing the brand’s identity in the mainstream retail markets. It helps the target market identify and recognize the perfumes easily.

What we printed on perfume packaging boxes?

The custom packaging boxes for perfumes are not just printed with visual content to attract customers. These boxes carry vital information that must be read before using the perfumes. Most perfumes have a warning that notifies the users to keep them away from their eyes when using them. I just spray the exact distance at which perfumes, is also mentioned on these boxes. We all know that perfumes have alcohol mixed in them. It makes them flammable. We also printed a reminder to keep them away from the combustible source on the custom perfume boxes. Other details may include;

  1. Barcode
  2. List of chemicals and ingredients
  3. Brand’s postal address
  4. Brand’s social media page and website information, etc.

Perfume makes the ideal gift for over one occasion. They are acceptable on events like;

  1. Weddings
  2. Anniversaries
  3. Valentine’s Day
  4. Mother’s Day
  5. Father’s Day
  6. Graduation
  7. Diwali
  8. Eid
  9. Christmas and other occasions

Perfumes also come in luxurious boxes in which both men’s and women’s bottles are packed. They are ideal for couples at various events. Did you know now companies are also manufacturing perfumes for babies? I came to know of it when Elsa bought one for my baby.

Custom printed perfume boxes orders

Manufacturers of perfume boxes in USA have designed different boxes for different brands of perfumes. The custom printed perfume boxes differ according to the target market of the brand. If the target market comprises professionals, achievers, and seniors, it crafts these boxes in sophisticated colors. If the target market is young people, then more vibrant and fun colors are selected. Are you a perfume brand confused about the design, layout, and themes of your perfumes? Let ClipnBox manage all your perfume packaging woes for you. It offers high-quality printing and packaging services for clients at affordable rates. Discover more deals they offer by visiting their page today.

Custom rigid boxes and their benefits

It crafted custom rigid boxes from the sturdiest cardboard stocks that a printing and packaging firm has. They are so durable that customers continue to use them for string documents and valuable long after the original packed inside finishes. They are relatively expensive than the other cardboard-based offered by the packaging industry. Most premium brands and heritage companies opt for rigid boxes. They select them to reflect the quality of their products and their stature in the industry through the flawless packaging. The potential target audiences of these brands buy these products as a status symbol. Custom retail brands use rigid boxes when they want to target a market niche. This market niche comprises privileged customers who pay premium prices for buying high-quality products. Exclusive printing technology, innovative layouts, and luxury add-ons are used to customize printed rigid boxes.

Printed rigid boxes as gift boxes

During the holiday season, several brands offer their special editions of products in printed rigid boxes. The companies offering;

  1. Chocolates
  2. Candles
  3. Perfumes
  4. Jewelry
  5. Crockery
  6. Cosmetics and countless other products

use these boxes to pack their products. They print signature branding themes on these boxes along with designs and content related to the holiday season. These boxes make perfect gift boxes that can be presented to family and friends without going through the hassle of wrapping them. It is totally acceptable to offer gifts in these premium retail boxes for events like the holiday season, Valentine’s day, Diwali, Eid, etc. Just make sure to add a card according to the event to add a personalized touch.

Rigid packaging boxes with luxury add-ons

The sturdiness of the rigid packaging boxes allows the companies to add luxurious add-ons to them. More than one exclusive add-on is added to these boxes without fearing damaging them in the process. Because of this reason, painting and packaging companies use the least offset printing techniques on custom rigid boxes without thinking twice. Once the visual content in vivid colors prints on these boxes, more drama add to it by using Foil stamping. Foil stamping in rose gold color gives it a mesmerizing look. But we choose the color of foil stamping according to design and theme. I used options like Spot UV features on these boxes to ensure that the visual content printed remains visible even in the dim lights. Some companies like giving packaging a matte finish, which can achieve using various add-on features.

This kind of packaging is an investment as it is often relatively costlier than other options. It focuses on privileged customers. Small and medium-sized companies can also use this packaging by focusing on their star products and packing them in rigid packaging boxes. They can add luxurious features like magnetic claps to these boxes. Offering premium packaging on limited stock for a limited time will make noise in the retail markets, and it will attract more customers to this deal. It will allow the small and medium-sized businesses to compete with the big names in the mainstream markets fairly.

Custom rigid boxes for memorable unboxing

Manufacturers of rigid boxes in USA have crafted beautiful boxes for various industries. New custom rigid boxes are trending on social media almost every day. They are augmented in looks and appeals by adding customized;

  1. Labels
  2. Buttons
  3. Ribbons
  4. Balloons
  5. Accessories etc.

One look and the recipient gets excited enough to capture the entire unboxing experience through their smartphones or cameras. They upload images and videos on various social media platforms and tag their friends and family. IT motivates and influences their connections into buying the same product. They watched trending movies in all contentious of the world and the brand exposure gained is phenomenal. If you want the same for your retail brand, get in touch with ClipnBox today.


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