Custom Packaging- 4 Ways It Helps your Sales

It is a no-brainer that custom packaging makes a product look its best version. There may be a wide sea of choices for customers but they always choose the items which they are used to buying. Out of the many factors influencing this, the one that stands out is the way the products are packaged which makes the whole difference.

Unlike regular or ordinary boxes, customized containers offer the sellers increased freedom to craft the boxes to fit well to their products. So, whether it is ensuring their safety during traveling or improving their market appeal, these boxes can take off the burden on your total costs to provide a wholesome yet affordable packaging solution.

But what if you are running on a budget? Can you afford to personalize your packaging?

Yes! With innovative printing methods and cost-effective stock, you can realize your dream of making it big in your market.

Customers are spoiled for choice when they shop. When they need a certain item, they either look for their favorite brand name or pick products if they appeal to them. The latter can help a new business take a good start.

If you are a manufacturer weighing in your packaging options, then you must read on to find out how customized boxes are becoming the new norm as compared to standardized boxing.

Better and secure transportation

Would an off-the-shelf clothing product fit you well? Or you would rather have one tailor-made?

Probably the second one. This applies to boxes as well. Not all products have the same specifications and needs where packaging and transport are concerned. For instance, custom corrugated boxes are the ideal material for shipment. Your products must reach the final users in their original form so they can get impressed. Boxes that are readily available lack apt support and finesse to carry varied kinds of products.

custom packaging

Fragile items need a better grip than others. Similarly, perishable food items need to be conserved in cushioned and raised boxes so that they don’t lose their freshness, and so on. Each product has specific measurements and packaging requirements that must be met for them to be used in an intended manner by buyers. With custom choices, you can literally create every inch of these boxes according to your needs. There are many shapes that the boxes are available in. Also, the boxes can be made to look better with certain custom features like:

  • Window cutout – customers can take a look at the products before purchasing.
  • Die-cutting – the boxes can look distinct with customized patterns.
  • Hang tabs and handles – these enhances the convenience of carrying the boxes, making transport easier and quicker.
  • Different material choices – including cardboard, Kraft card, rigid, and corrugated.

Varied box form such as:

  1. Display units
  2. Folding pieces
  3. Bottom-locks
  4. Gable style, among others
  • Various engaging styles, textures, and font sizes let the viewers be engrossed with the packaging boxes.

Accessorizing the products with such amazing custom details can make them more accessible and visible for customers. Getting their products in charming boxes would mean more orders and frequent purchases from your brand. Moreover, happy customers are likely to complain less and this can lower your service costs.

Particularly for e-traders, the shipment matters a lot. Hence, choosing custom material and dimensions would aid to keep the items damage-resistant along the way. Establishing an effective first contact is the foundation stone of durable brand loyalty. Be different in displaying products with custom packaging. This lets you pick a suitable box type with numerous material choices and designs.

Allows printing on the packages

Customers want more than just the name of the product on the boxes. Why is it so?

First: They want to establish a connect with the manufacturers so they can trust them.

Second: They look for exclusive factors that could influence their purchases.

Third: They need to see intrinsic product info on the custom packaging before selecting a product.

The above-mentioned features are missing on bland boxes that are only suitable for providing a basic cover to the products without saying much about the brand or products. To attract new and increased volume of buyers, your boxes must tell a compelling brand story on top of the mentioned information.

Researchers have singled the brand logo as the main brand recognition tool. Seeing it printed on the boxes will help to make the customers more familiar with your brand image and memorize the logo every time they come across it. Custom-made boxes are well-structured to enable all sorts of printing to be imposed. This significantly improves the brand identity, making it relevant for a wider audience.

All your marketing material can get a creative platform to grab the maximum eyeballs. The boxes can be converted into mesmerizing attention-captivating gadgets that help you to reach your set sales levels. Some other exclusive add-ons can comprise:

  • Exquisite color schemes that tell the customers of your brand image.
  • Creative content to engage the readers once they are attracted by the boxes.
  • Print the exact product details desired by your target customers.
  • Carry digital ad campaigns forward by printing them on the boxes.

Printing is an undisputed asset in your branding. It lets you use the boxes as effective communicating devices that bridge the gap between you and your customers.

Save more in the end

The popular notion might be that standard boxes cost less and therefore make for an affordable packaging solution. But you would be surprised to know that the accumulated costs are far higher than custom packaging.

This is so because when you acquire generic packaging, it will not provide sufficient protection, exposing the products to harm. Customers wouldn’t buy from the brand when they get the items broken or tampered with. Moreover, the costs of replacing the products would further add to the total costs. You would also lose out on customer goodwill and this can negatively affect future sales.


Brown boxes also do nothing to entice buyers. They look less intriguing than other customized boxes and hence may result in the brand losing out to the competition.


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