Custom Football Uniforms: Things to consider when buying them

American football is one of the most famous sports in the United States. Various teams passionately play this sport at countless levels (professional, college, and school levels). Football was evolved in the US, taking roots from the games of rugby and soccer. Princeton and Rutgers were the two college teams who played American football on the 6th of November, 1869. Since then, the sport has evolved at many levels, from rules to uniforms. For young teams, the uniforms are as much important as the game rules. Children grow up in the US, dreaming of wearing custom football uniforms like their football idols. Because uniforms are essential for the young football teams of the current era, management and coaches should consider the following aspects while purchasing the uniforms for their young players.

The material Fabric

The uniforms are the face of a team, so they should be stylish and appealing to the spectators. However, football is a vigorous game where players sweat a lot and need to stay cool at the same time. To keep them comfortable, teams prefer to use moisture-wicking fabric for the uniform. Moisture-wicking uniforms instantly wick away the sweat and dry quickly so the player can remain dry and cool. You can get this quality in various materials, from nylon and polyester to mesh and jacquard. You must remember that the material of uniforms significantly affects a player’s performance. If they wear uncomfortable and itchy material, they will remain distracted throughout the game and won’t perform well.


Today, personalization is both a trend and a necessity. Players want their identity in the form of name and number prominent on the jersey, while companies want the visibility of their logos to enhance their brand image. There are several different methods to personalize your football uniform. You must know which way suits the fabric that you have selected for your uniforms. Some fabrics are suitable to receive personalization through printing, while the others are good for embroidery and so on. Select a material and personalization method that aligns with each other. that will accept screen printing ink.


The selection of colour is also an important decision when you are ordering your custom football uniforms. The uniform colours signify a team’s attitude on the ground. Some colours improve aesthetics, while others have a significant psychological impact. For instance, black is a dominating colour and gives a psychological edge to the wearers over the opponents. Likewise, the red colour is known to increase the competitive spirits of the team. Some colour combinations become a trademark or a lucky charm for the team. Therefore, choose unique colour combinations that you think will stay longer as your team’s identity.

The branding

The team logo and its placement are important factors to enhance a team’s brand image. An appealing logo should adorn the top of your football jerseys. The logo is your icon and gives identification to each player. Generally, fans know the players by their colours, but newbies need to see the logos to identify the team. The best place for the logo is on the upper back of the jerseys, where it is most visible to the viewers. The jersey colour and the logo colour can never be the same for obvious reasons. The logo will blend with the jersey and will not lose its prominence.

Size factor

Size is essential when it comes to football uniforms. The fit should be comfortable for players to wear. A significant advantage of custom-made uniforms is that you can give the measurements of each uniform according to the fit and shape that the players prefer. However, you must ensure that neither slim fits nor baggies are the right choice of measurement when you are ordering custom football uniforms. If you are going for moisture-wicking polyester jerseys, they are stretchable and provide enough breathability to the overall fit. Players will not be able to perform if their sizes are uncomfortably loose or tight.


Although football gear includes protective equipment such as guards, pads, and helmets, you can maximize your team’s safety by ordering custom hats for them. The team has to remain outdoors most of the day, and the lightweight hats will keep them cool and safe from Ultraviolet rays in warm seasons. Match your socks with the color combination of your uniforms. The matching accessories will give a streamlined and preppy look to your team on the field, which will significantly boost their confidence.

The supplier

Once you know what you want, buying custom team apparel become very easy. However, for an extraordinary shopping experience and successful outcome, you must carefully select your supplier after doing market research. Consider whether the supplier you are deciding to order your uniforms has the suitable material for sportswear. You can have more options for your purchase according to your budget and requirement if your supplier represents a wide range of fabrics from various sportswear brands. Spend some time to compare the breathability and performance of the material. It would be best if your supplier provides customization services with the supply of uniforms. This way, you can have a complete dealing of custom football uniforms from one platform. Your supplier should know that delivery time is essential. Set the ideal delivery time for your order, and work backwards from there. Choose a supplier who can provide you with a transparent view of the time it will take your shipping order to reach you. Give yourself a breathing space by setting a delivery time a bit before gaming season, so whatever alteration and changes you need in your uniforms supply can be conveyed to the supplier, and they can attend to it before the main event.

Uniforms turn a bunch of persons into a team. The bonding that custom uniforms create among team members empowers them to do amazing things. You can acquire ideal custom football uniforms you’re your team once you stop thinking of them as a requirement from leagues and start taking them as a tactic to strengthen the bonding in the group.

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