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Coming from the man himself who is known for coining the phrase ‘E-learning’ to bring learning accessible to all, Elliott Masie says, “E-learning is changing. And, we will see new models, new technologies and designs emerging. So, let’s drop the “E”- or at least give it a new and wider definition.”

E-learning can be defined at the process of learning that uses computers and Internet technology to deliver myriads of solutions to enable learning and improving performance. E-learning is the product of present times. Google is the new encyclopaedia people live by for any information and computers, laptops, smartphones and tabs are no longer just gadgets but an essential need of a person. In this tech-savvy scenario, E-learning is effective in reaching out to a larger targeted audience and users by its no constrain of place, time and space. We are dependent on technology. There is no counter-argument to this. With E-learning courses and solutions, one can easily develop skills they are lacking or learn a new skill altogether. Here, designing an E-learning solution is key to everything. It’s very important to understand the audience and user needs and plan it accordingly. Identify the areas and domains you need to cover; and design and build your solution accordingly.

What makes E-learning much more desirable than the traditional method is the fact that it attends a larger group efficiently. MNC and even schools these days rely on E-learning solutions for this purpose. While designing an E-learning, one needs to be very clear about the approach of a user. Whether its self-paced, independent learning or facilitated one. Content is the backbone of effective E-learning. E-learning is developed according to the set of learning objectives and is delivered using different media elements like texts, graphics, audios and videos. Further, it includes intrusion through blogs, emails and webcasting.

Effective E-learning model includes five steps: analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation.


It involves identifying needs, target audience and task and topic of their interest. Understanding the needs of the user is crucial to developing learning. Understanding whether they need it to fill a gap in professional knowledge and skill or to develop a new from scratch is crucial.


The design and delivery of E-learning will be influenced by the traits of a user. For instance, his/her previous knowledge and skill, learning context and his/her access to technology and some extend his/her age. Once you have this penned down, you start formulating set of learning objectives to meet the need, define the sequence and order of learning to pour, pondering on various instructional, media, evaluation and delivery strategies. Designing is crucial as it will serve as a blueprint for further development. It will explain the structure, learning objectives and delivery methods to be used.


This step is crucial because, in this step, content is generated around the blueprint. It can be done in various ways: one can write or collect information available; integrating instructional methods and media elements like images, texts, interactions and assessments; creating a course and developing content on the same.


In this step, the customised E-learning solution is delivered to users. An easy and common way of doing it is by installing it on a server and making it accessible for learners. In this, if the user wanted monitoring, which he/she will voice up in the first step, that will be covered here.


All the evaluation are done here. Whether it involves reaction analysis, the achievement of learning objectives, transfer of skills and impact of the project on the organisation.

“When it comes to the design of effective learning experiences, one provocative question is worth a hundred proclamations,” says Bernard Bull. Each organisation is different from one another and identifying that is crucial. Better learning and quality training can be obtained by using custom E-learning courses.Artificial Intelligence will Change the e-Learning Industry

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