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Crucial Elements You Need To Consider While Hiring UI Designer

There is a famous story of how Apple beat Microsoft. Back when Microsoft released the Zune music player to rival Apple’s iPod, it failed. Sorry to spoil the ending (well, not so much). According to experts, the simple UI design of the iPod wins over users more than the complex UI of the Zune.

This story is the best example that no matter how big the brand is, design is what users prefer over any other aspect of digital products, whether it is a mobile app, website, e-commerce application, UI is the hidden gem that brings customer satisfaction, user engagement and also lowers the development costs.

And to execute all of this, you need an expert UI designer to fulfill your requirements. This blog has all the tips to help you analyze and predict a designer’s performance. Here is a list of the key points you need to look for while hiring a UI designer.

1. Good explanation of the whats and hows 

Sometimes a simple question can tell you all you need to know about an expert UI designer. Ask them what does your company does? Then see how they frame the answer and explain it. A good UI designer seems to know what they do and how they do it, so it is easy to explain it to others. They start with the big picture and then move into the details so that even a newbie understands the info no matter the medium, an email, website, or video call.

If there is a lack of hierarchy in the details, they seem to go from one detail to another without a clear understanding of the big picture.

The same is true for UX designers hiring too.

2. Curiosity about the client’s product 

A UI designer works every day on a client’s product. If the UI designer is not curious about the product and doesn’t understand the company, then we have a problem. And it is not just about one client or a product; they should have a deep understanding of the product and the company. They should have the right information about the market in which the company operates and the product’s user base to deploy the best designs.

This means that the potential candidate should comprehend the client’s business, product, KPIs, and target audience.

3. Portfolio 

You may have seen very impressive portfolios with nice layouts, mockups, and typography. And a good portfolio is definitely a good sign that the candidate has the potential. It also reveals the taste and style of the designer. But it is not enough; you must go deeper than the visual designs. Ask the details:

What exactly do they do in a project?

Are there any live projects (ones you can see online) or a recently released prototype?

What are the industries they have worked on, and can you also give some KPIs?

4. Their personal favorite digital interaction 

How do you test whether someone has an eye for detail? Go specific with the questions. Just by asking a simple question like the best UI design you have found in a digital product?

If they can come up with some examples easily, you can be sure that they are competent and passionate about what they do.

A good answer is not like “I love the new voice search feature in the Amazon app” rather something with more details like “I find it extremely interesting that the google translate pronounces the words slower if the button is pressed for the second time.”

5. Which product has a beautiful design experience 

Here you are trying to find out whether the candidate can see the bigger picture or not. Asking about a product with the best design (and not just digitally) will uncover their understanding of what makes a product successful starting from the mass numbers.

If the replies are something along the lines of “product has a good overall experience because of the logo,” it is a red signal.

6. What do they love?

Asking about the hobbies and passions is a trivial interview question, but it is important for two reasons:

  1. It is a simple question, so designers are in their comfort zone, and they speak genuinely about their likings and dislikings.
  2. For some people, it is a good indicator of their attitude in general, like whether they are introverts or extroverts, creative, quiet, etc.

Most designers are creators at heart and love to design beautiful experiences for people. Their hobbies are also in the active creator zone like photography, cooking, writing, etc., rather than the passive counterparts of the same, listening to music, going to the restaurant, etc.

These are not the findings of a study but rather a personal experience.

7. Tech skills 

Responsive interface design: a UI designer knows how to handle the media queries, sizing units, and other concepts that will make a great digital product. They should find solutions that correspond to the user’s behavior and adjust to different environments – screen sizes, platforms, and operating systems.

Visual hierarchy: expert UI designers understand how the users respond to visuals on screen and efficiently work around principles like balance, contrast, and scale. They put every component in its right place to make the critical ones stand out and influence users for a better experience.

Typography: users love a smooth experience online. Typography elements play an important role in that. UI designers use different categories of typefaces, size, color, layout, etc., to capture users’ attention and build a powerful brand online with recognition and value.

Animation: animation is the most trending design element. It always keeps coming in the most loved websites; animations are constant, from scrolling a list to pointing towards the side menu. A good UI designer knows how to apply animations to a website or app.

Layout grids: grids are important to hold the structure, bring consistency and align the layouts. Thus to achieve visual hierarchy, grids are important. UI designers should know how to apply grid theory, types, and best practices to create interactive designs.

Testing: like any other digital product, testing is crucial for UI designs too. UI designers must know how to take feedback and make the required iterations quickly to test whether their efforts are creating the desired result.


Hiring a UX UI designer is easy if you know what to look for. The information mentioned above will help you hire the best candidate for your project.

For the best UI designers, contact our UI UX development company. Our UI UX team has experience of more than a decade, and we have worked on projects from different industry verticals.

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