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Croatian Cities to Visit During Autumn

Croatia is one of the fascinating tourist destinations in Europe, especially during the summer. Thanks to its gorgeous beaches, sunny weather, and pristine seas. Croatia is not all about beautiful beaches; many other attractions make it popular. Some of the oldest towns in the world are found in Croatia, and these towns tend to attract tourists from all parts of the world. These cities don’t lose their appeal during the autumn, and visitors keep on flocking to explore the uniqueness in them and learn about their history.

In this article, we are going to the best cities to visit in Croatia during the autumn.


Some people can easily confuse Dubrovnik as the capital city of Croatia due to the high number of visitors it attracts during the summer. Though Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia, it may not be as popular as Dubrovnik. This city is worth spending your time considering its attractive limestone-paved streets, which create long-lasting memories. Autumn is the best time to visit such streets because they are less crowded, unlike the summer when the city is overcrowded. It may be impossible to have long-lasting memories concerning the limestone-paved streets due to overcrowding. Dubrovnik does not lose its charming look during the autumn when there are reduced crowds, and the heat dwindles.


Riva, Diocletian’s Palace, and the ancient town are some of the most famous attractions in Split. The palace is significantly large and is listed in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage record book. There are many things such as museums, restaurants, pubs, apartments, shops, hotels, and more, giving it an extraordinary aspect to the city since all of it is quite unique and special. Visitors are free to rent apartments and reside in some places within the palace and even explore the cloth lines suspended between old walls, which are estimated to be 2000 years old. A lot of them even decide to buy or invest in the Croatia property because they return here every year to visit this exceptionally beautiful city. The palace streets and Split’s beautiful old town are incredibly crowded and noisy during the summer. Autumn offers the best opportunity to explore these streets, and the cool temperatures mean that you can stay there for longer.


Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and is one of the most popular destinations in the summer. Summer comes with a lot of heat, and most people tend to move from urban areas to the coastal areas. Most parties and entertainment events are organized during these months as this is the time most famous DJs from all parts of the world visit the Croatian coast and a few on Zagreb. Once the autumn arrives, Zagreb remains an attractive destination with night clubs running throughout the day, and famous DJs flocking into this great city.

Besides nightclubs welcoming visitors in autumn, pubs, restaurants, and cafes are no longer left behind as they welcome visitors who had were spending their holidays on the coast in summer.

During the autumn, Zagreb witnesses an inflow of new students since it marks the beginning of the term and is characterized by fewer exams giving room for the students to socialize. This is the best time to explore museums, galleries, and any other most famous destination.

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