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Create a gorgeous look with the trending Indian dresses

Indian culture has always been awe inspiring for the west and also the Far East. Indian clothing being an important part of Indian culture have now earned a lot of appreciation for the immaculate style of wearing clothes, the comfort that they provide, even when they are stylish and the unique way of creation of style and fabric.Just like the Bindi that they wear on the forehead, is something that seems strange to the west, or the nose ring that we proudly flaunt at special occasions, there are styles in the Indian dresses that make India, a very rapidly growing fashion industry that has a lot to give to the world.

What India says about trends in clothing?

Just as our culture makes us wear complete body covering dresses, the love for showing skin can be observed from the saree (open Mid-riff) or the backless blouse or choli that women in India love. Why, even women in rural areas do wear backless cholis and sometimes even go without one! Check out the infusion that women make here. Why they even wear long coats on a saree during the winters! And carry off with such finesse or even check then wear sports shoes on salwar shoes and make a style statement without the interference of designers! It’s cool how they look smart and set trends for the masses.

Perfectly popular styles in sarees:

Got to see the trends the saree has gone through the centuries since its first inception. Although the date is not known, sarees have been worn by women for ages. But, of course not in the same style! This one wins hands-down as there is no other dress that is just an unstitched cloth and yet can be worn in different styles and look totally different. This summer it is the hues that will blast the season, and major fashion events will showcase those neon greens and splashes of reds and oranges that are vogue. Therefore, now dress up for your wedding or attend the wedding drape it for a casual meet, you simply have to be tactful, and the rest will work out just right. Yes, its light this season and the fabric too are light to mid-heavy. So, young ladies or their mothers, just collect your stock for this season. Can you wear bold colors – then go for red or yellow chiffon or simply the blood red in sheer georgette. It does wonders for the Indian skin. Romancing the pink too can bring out the feminism for you regardless of what color your skin is.

Most gorgeous salwar kameez:

Already bored with last year’s collection, then check out what’s in store for you this year. Mind you, this Indian dress, is not just a casual wear these days, but is taken seriously by even the top most designers who provide cuts that are suitable for Indian figure and very versatile as well. Choose the Pakistani salwar kameez with intricate embroidery done on it. Do you think the kameez is too long? That’s the idea to give you a very chic look and the salwar that is either straight cut or narrow bottom, both provide certain sophisticated charm. The Patiala cut with bright and vibrant colors adds energy and a certain character to the whole attire. Going by the seasons best, try the light hues in blends and fabrics that give a nice cut and style. Of course, who can forget the dupatta that adds elegance? Now this is something that the designers will definitely surprise you because it is just a scarf that is worn in plenty of ways to give different looks. The best colors are the ones that contrast and fabric that blends well with the whole attire.

Anarkali and its grace

Anarkali is just another form of salwar kameez, which was worn even during the times of the Mughals. The return of Anarkali in the fashion world itself says a lot about Anarkali. This graceful Indian dress is worn by all body types and is more fun because of the way it is styled for formal as well as casual wear. Just the beautiful umbrella form of the kameez makes it amazing and very feminine. The latest trend this season is to add beautiful laces and motifs to the dupatta and the top at the front, sleeves and also the back. Of course the neck patterns decide what is chic, so be careful to make it more innovative. A deep back with decorative laces and balls give an interesting look. Designer Anarkalis are fast becoming popular for the beautiful fabrics and work done on them. Weddings are incomplete without a perfectly designed Anarkali with flowing fabric. Patterns like Kalis cut or wide umbrella or narrow umbrellas, the colors most trendy are bright as well as pastels in confluence are being used by designers.

The sensuous Ghagra choli or Lehenga

Designers are today busy creating a westernized Lehenga saree or the traditional Ghagra Choli that is purely Indian and worn since centuries. Check out the pleasant contemporary nature today that is a favorite of young girls, who do not wish to wear the saree. Perfectly created to enhance the feminism, the Lehenga sarees seen in bright colors with the dupatta adding the charm and covers the modesty in a fashionable way. Check out the choli designs that seem very attractive, because of the cuts that are fashioned today. Latest trend speaks about the lace work on the blouse, the intricate golden thread work, and high-quality fabrics. Keep the length of short; blouses need to be sexy this season, where you keep the back open with a deep neckline and motifs all across the sleeves and body. A boat neck or a halter neck is most trendy with sheer fabric added to the original fabric. You would love the mermaid style lehengas or the full umbrellas cut or even the slim cut or straight cut. Ensure that the colors are trendy with blend of two or more colors and fabrics that range from net to silk.

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