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Create a Coastal Atmosphere with Sea Wallpapers

Is there anything more luxurious than a home with gorgeous sea wallpaper? Imagine the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the salty scent in the air—those are just a few of the pleasures that people associate with oceans.

With ocean wallpaper, you can enjoy a sense of the same feelings without having to leave your house. Plus, it’s a great way to bring some natural beauty into your house décor.

Why decorate with blue?

Have you ever wondered why blue is the color of choice for so many luxury brands? From Tiffany’s robin’s egg blue boxes to the powdery blue of beach villas, it seems that everything associated with wealth and privilege is tinged with a touch of navy. But what is it about this particular hue that makes people feel rich?

Turns out, there’s quite a bit of color psychology at play here. Most people know that different colors can evoke different emotions in us. But did you know that different shades of the same color can have different effects too?

Wallpaper and lighting

The color of calmness and serenity, blue is often associated with nature. The sky’s pale blueness or aquamarine swimming in clear waters are two perfect examples that come to mind for this reason. Blue is often considered a non-threatening color.

However, if you move to the cooler spectrum in the color wheel, blue can seem icy, sterile, and distant. When choosing the right sea wallpaper, it is important to consider the lighting in the room. Softer lighting enhances the softer shades of blue. Colder colors can enhance the more icy shades of the wallpaper.

Do ocean wallpapers work in offices?

Studies also show that people tend to be more productive in blue rooms – hence blue wallpaper is a popular choice for office spaces. Thanks to its calming effect, it can help employees to focus on their tasks and enhance office well-being.

Some studies say that blue can even lower the pulse rate and body temperature. When the body is more relaxed the mind can operate in more creative ways and new ideas keep churning.

Darker shades of blue are believed to help with the brain’s thought process. Think of deep blue ocean wallpaper with abstract waves and organic shapes.

Designer Ocean wallpapers

Designer ocean wallpapers come in many shades and patterns.  It is a great choice for couples and families since it is a preferred color amongst both women and men. Breaking this hue preference down, blue is favored by 42% of men compared to 29% of women.

You can find several different themes around the sea wallpapers: beach wallpaper, Japanese style waves wallpaper, ombre wallpaper, etc. Sea theme wallpapers also come with sea animals such as birds and fish.

How to decorate with sea wallpapers?

Many of the sea wallpapers come also in hues of turquoise and green. If you are looking for that coastal atmosphere for your space, then use sea wallpaper with white or light wood furnishings to create a cohesive coastal look. Blues and greens look great with metallic accessories. Choose bronze or gold table legs or candle holders to complete the look.

If luxurious metallic accessories are not your thing, you can also go for a more rustic look with sea wallpapers. Think of wooden cabinets, brown and cream vases with dried flowers. The down-to-earth style goes perfectly with the sea-inspired decoration style.

Sea wallpaper is also a great accent for all white Scandinavian-style rooms and houses. Choose a fresh, lighter shade of blue to maintain that pure, modern Nordic decoration style.

All white spaces can feel very cold and sterile without any accent colors. You can create a much more homely, inviting look by using a statement wallpaper or mural in your room.

Why ocean wallpaper?

Rather than spending money on expensive designer furniture, wallpaper is a more affordable option.  You can transform the whole space by just adding a wallpaper or mural on one of your walls in the room.

Choose wallpaper with a smaller pattern and more muted colors if you would like to use the wallpaper as a backdrop.  However, if you are looking for a bigger impact and want to make a statement, then choose larger patterns and brighter colors.

To help you make the decision, use room visualization tools that let you upload your room image on the website and try different wallpaper designs in your room. This will help you to imagine the result and you can purchase your wallpaper or mural with peace of mind.

Instagram is a great place to find wallpaper inspiration, and we also offer an image gallery of different wallpaper ideas including popular interior design styles such as contemporary, classical, shabby chic, rustic.

Browsing through images will help you to understand what you like and what kind of style would fit your house. Make sure you choose a style and wallpaper design that you love. Following trends isn’t a good idea if you don’t enjoy spending time in the space you create. Make sure the space feels like you.

How to install wallpaper?

Long gone are the days when wallpaper installation was a messy business. You had to start by soaking the old paper before installation, and you probably had to hire a decorator to get the job done. Nowadays most wallpapers sold are made of non-woven material, also called paste-the-wall wallpaper. Hanging wallpaper is so much simpler!

You can of course hire a decorator if you have the money to spend, but wallpaper installation has become much more DIY-friendly. Just apply the paste on the wall and place the dry pre-cut wallpaper drops on top. The glue won’t dry immediately. You’ll have time to adjust the position on the wall before the wallpaper dries and attaches itself to the wall. Pretty neat!

You will need some tools, such as a brush, pair of scissors and a sharp knife, a clean soft sponge. You can purchase these from most hardware stores. We recommend you’ll have two people for doing the job. Otherwise, you may run out of hands in the middle of the project.


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