CPA vs Bookkeeper: What Are the Differences?

Are you looking to hire a bookkeeper?

Virtually every business owner can benefit from hiring a bookkeeper at some point. This can help your company manage finances and improve efficiency. After all, bookkeepers are experienced and knowledgeable about accounting.

However, many business owners are confused about the CPA vs bookkeeper debate. Should you look for a CPA vs bookkeeper is the right choice for you?

Consider this guide to help you understand the differences between accountants and bookkeepers. This can help you hire the best option for your business. Read on to learn more.

What is a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers are usually responsible for managing the day-to-day finances of a business. This can include tasks such as maintaining financial records, preparing invoices, and tracking expenses. Bookkeepers do not need to have as much formal training as CPAs, they should still have a good understanding of basic accounting principles.

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The Pros of Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers do not need to be licensed. They typically have less formal education than CPAs, and their duties are typically limited to recording financial transactions and preparing financial reports. While bookkeepers are not able to provide the same range of services as CPAs, they can be a valuable asset to small businesses and organizations that do not need the services of a full-time CPA.

The Cons of a Bookkeeper

They likely don’t have the same level of education or experience as a CPA. This means they might not be as adept at handling your finances and could make mistakes. They might not be familiar with the latest laws and regulations surrounding taxes and finance.

This could put your business at risk of non-compliance. They also might not have the same network of contacts as a CPA. This could limit the advice and guidance they can provide you.

What Is a CPA?

CPAs are licensed professionals who have met certain educational and experience requirements set forth by their state. CPAs provide a wide range of services, including tax preparation, auditing, and financial consulting. CPAs are also typically more expensive than bookkeepers.

The Pros of CPA

CPAs must pass a rigorous exam, and meet continuing education requirements in order to maintain their licenses. CPAs are also subject to stricter regulation and oversight, which can give clients peace of mind that their finances are in good hands. A CPA can provide a wide range of services beyond bookkeeping, such as tax preparation, financial planning, and estate planning.

The Cons of CPA

It can be stressful, there are days that it can be very busy, and bring you a lot of pressure. Their work environment, If you don’t like working behind a computer screen, then working as a CPA is not for you. The repetition of the work, when you’re working as a CPA you can expect some repetitive tasks of your work such as gathering and verifying transaction data.

Find Out More About CPA vs Bookkeeper

Overall, the key difference between a CPA vs bookkeeper is that a CPA has a more comprehensive scope of work and bookkeepers typically have fewer qualifications. CPAs often provide bookkeeping services, but they also offer other important financial services, such as tax preparation, auditing, and financial consulting. If you need help with your business finances, be sure to hire a CPA.

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