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Covid-19: how to adapt your digital marketing strategy?

We have been living through this global pandemic for over a year and companies have not had the choice to adapt their sales strategy and their digital marketing.

The transition was made easier for certain sectors, in particular for e-commerce. However, you may still feel lost and not sure how to react. Between confinements, partial unemployment, teleworking, the risks of bankruptcy are constant.

In this article, you will find some tips for adapting your digital marketing in this period of economic and health crisis.

Impact of the health crisis on user behaviour

This global pandemic had a negative impact on businesses in Pakistan and generated a very difficult climate. Consumer behaviour is changing, companies are facing new challenges.

Between the closure of borders and therefore the temporary pause in tourism, the closures of “ non-essential ” establishments and the isolation of people due to the circulation of the virus, companies must react and rely on adapted digital marketing strategy to respond to this crisis.

The secondary shops can still sell on the Internet or set up a solution of click & collect, hence the importance of boosting their SEO strategy and communication.

People thus spend more time at home and see their leisure time reduced, brands can take advantage of this opportunity and generate more sales. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies to promote their services and products through the Internet, hence the interest in boosting its digital marketing.

Why boost your natural referencing during the coronavirus period?

The Covid crisis has a direct impact on the search behaviour of users. No matter the type of business, whether B2C or B2B, applying good SEO practices can only reduce the risk of bankruptcy due to this economic crisis. Your OMT agency gives you some ideas by answering certain questions:

  • Why boost your natural referencing?
  • How to adjust your strategy according to the current environment?
  • How to convert?
  • Why generate leads?

For a year now, companies have been working daily to avoid as much loss as possible by increasing their productivity. SEO may seem low priority because the results are not always immediate.

On the other hand, it is an important acquisition lever for the growth and development of its business because it gives power, allows the notoriety of the company’s website.

An optimized natural referencing can generate leads, which is an excellent alternative to get through the current health crisis as well as possible, it is a lasting solution.

How to adjust your SEO strategy?

Setting up an SEO strategy makes it possible to lay a framework and set a course with the objectives to be achieved. SEO requires continuous efforts to sustain the results obtained.

Putting SEO aside for a period of time involves even more work to recover its positioning and notoriety with search engines and users.

By taking care of the natural referencing of your site, you can understand the nature of your traffic and all its variations.

With some tools, including the tools made available by Google, you can see if your traffic and visibility are down or up and get an overview of the keywords where you are referenced.

You can know more about your targets and the users of your site by analyzing the pages with the highest traffic, the anomalies detected and knowing the SEO of your competitors. These tools can lead you to interesting leads.

Your SEO team can analyze the needs of the targets and share this data with all the departments of the company. Adapting your SEO strategy can give you the chance to boost your business and reach potential targets.

Update on content marketing: its advantages

You should know that the content constitutes the basis of an optimized natural referencing: “ content is king ”. The implementation of a content marketing strategy allows you to generate organic traffic on your site and especially to make it last.

You really have to see targeted content as a gateway to your site. Prospects and customers click on an article because they are concerned.

This regular creation of optimized content will therefore optimize SEO. This allows your site to position itself on targeted searches on search engines.

The content that you will put online on your site will also be able to feed your social networks and develop a community. These are great vectors that can grow your audience and drive traffic to your site. You present yourself as an expert which strengthens the credibility of your business.

Lead generation: an effective solution

As we have seen previously, by boosting the natural referencing of your site, you will attract prospects. The most important thing is to push the conversion on your site by implementing actions throughout the user journey.

Our agency supports you in developing an effective SEO strategy that meets your objectives. We can still give you some advice:

  • Analyze the keywords and try to position yourself on the most targeted.
  • You can analyze the navigation of Internet users on your site and identify the actions to be taken to improve conversion.
  • Analyze the competition and highlight what sets you apart.

Finally, the Covid has had a strong impact on consumption habits. It is relevant to adjust its SEO strategy to respond to trends by offering alternatives for consumers during these periods of confinement. We are increasingly looking for local shops, it is essential to bet on the local in your digital strategy.

Social Media Networks

Social Media play a vital role in digital marketing strategy. In Pakistan, people spend much time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin etc. Facebook is one of the most used platforms where people spend most of their free time. Many people get their business on Facebook to gain traffic on their website. It does not play a role in SEO but it increases your site traffic.

Advertising on Facebook or Instagram is also very beneficial for your business because Its CPC (cost per click) is very low but its CTR (click-through rate) is high. You can gain valuable traffic on your website at the lowest price. You can also gain valuable leads on Facebook ads.

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