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Controlling weight gain during the COVID-19 lockdown

weight gain during the COVID-19 lockdown

The COVID-19 resulted in the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. It became a point of concern because the virus disrupted life as we know it. As a consequence, obesity and overweight went on the rise, and the virus has claimed loads of lives around the globe (mostly in China).

A lot of people are working out indoors in the comfort of their homes and even resorted to cutting their own hair. Thankfully, some countries and cities are open for business but in a limited manner.

Excessive consumption of junk food and overeating leads to obesity. This is not a good sign as it can couple up with stress caused by pandemic to result in deadlier ailments. With the COVID-19 causing panic and distress among many, let’s have a look at how to control weight gain during the lockdown.

Regarding the weight gain, what have researchers been able to determine?

Researchers believe that it’s too early to say anything about the weight gain. With lockdowns ending in some places around the globe, things are slowly getting back to the old normal. Yet, the consumption of processed foods is constant, but exercise is on the rise.

A few months ago, a poll was conducted among Americans where a quarter of males and considerable females stated that during the lockdown, they had gained a considerable amount of weight. They afterward decided to control their weight in obesity during exercise.

This resulted in sales of exercise equipment, machines, and artificial pools for homes.

A sperate poll was also conducted among residents in countries in Europe, South America, Central America, Oceania, and the Caribbean. The poll found slightly varying results, but women gained more weight than men in these places too.

Similar polls were also conducted by students from a renowned Caribbean medical school among residents of Caribbean island nations. Women in the Caribbean gained more weight than men consequently and are looking for ways to reduce it.

In the past few months, more than half a million Facebook users engaged with posts surrounding quarantine weight gain. Among them are a hashtag #quarantineweightgain and Quarantine 15. It is both humorous and concerning.

How can people regain control over weight gain during the COVID-19 lockdown?

The lockdown is ending in some places of the world but in most developing nations, it has been extended and new cases have been recorded in China. With this becoming the new normal, no one is sure when will the coronavirus be fully contained.

Here re some ways, people can overturn obesity and weight gain during the lockdown:

Creating homemade meals

With the lockdown getting extension in some places and meeting an end in other, the days are long and going to work is only for a few select professions and sectors. With cravings for comfort needing control, creating homemade meals of all kinds is now becoming easy.

Whole-grain pasta, jarred sauces, jams, beef, chicken, fish, veggies, lentils, legumes, sauces, fruits, dairy, and nuts are still available, thanks to the tireless of farmers who are doing all they can.

Among the dishes to be made easily at home are shepherd’s pie, vegetable pie, roasted vegetable medley, a wholesome veggie casserole, meatloaf with homemade sauce & veggies, lentils soup with veggies and a meat dish with wholesome veggies as well as a custom salad. Nutritious, easy to make, homemade, delicious, and much better than junk food.

Smart shopping is the new normal shopping

Buying inexpensive staples and edibles like veggies, canned peas, canned tomatoes, whole grains, organic cornmeal, raw meat, fruits, and spices help make good dishes, snacks, and appetizers. Not to forget the good old wholesome goodness of dairy milk, cheese, cream, and butter to make some good homemade sauces and dips.

Smart shopping simply means buying the wholesome goodies nature has blessed us with and the ones our seniors revered in their food. Say no to Protein bars and say yes to wholesome food.

A change of attitude

With working from home becoming the norm, exercising at home is also the norm. Parks have not opened yet but its wise to get some exercising equipment, an old machine, boxing bag & gloves as well as mats and other needed equipment for a mini home gym.

This way, no resident shall remain obese as they will find a way to beat the stored calories and turn them into energy.

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