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Content Marketing: 7 Step Content Creation Strategy

The type of your content will determine how well your content marketing campaign works. Your content marketing efforts will be strengthened if it is good, and when I say good, I mean top-notch. However, if it is pretty routine, your inbound marketing strategy will collapse more quickly than you anticipate.

If your company is one of the 86 percent of B2B or 77 percent of B2C businesses that utilize content marketing to promote their brands, you must make a serious effort to create high-quality content that not only shares helpful information but also does so in an engaging and compelling way.

EPIC content marketing

According to a study, a whopping 62 percent of millennial feel that internet content influences their brand loyalty. Although the number is encouraging for content marketers, you must understand that you cannot force any content on your target market and expect it to result in brand loyalty, reputation-building, lead generation, and brand exposure.

EPIC material is effective. You’ve probably heard the term “EPIC content” before. It would be an understatement to say that this type of material boosts content marketing. It ultimately strengthens your brand image rather than just supporting your marketing.

Characteristics of Epic Content
  • It gains many shares.
  • Provides information that can be used.
  • It is thorough.
  • Lasts a very long time.
  • It provides long-term, sustainable results.
  • distinguishes the company as a market thinking leader.
  • It enhances the credibility and trust of your company.

While there is little question that EPIC content always works, the issue is that many organisations find it challenging to regularly produce the kind of material that has marketing value. What steps do you take to create EPIC content that meets your branding objectives?

While it can be challenging to consistently produce such material, you can smooth your path by breaking your content production process down into a series of steps.

Here are seven actions you can do to get there:

1. Ideation

The first step is to start gathering content ideas. Although this phase may seem obvious, it is crucial that you use a disciplined brainstorming approach to find the best ideas.


An epic post needs to be built up over the course of several days or even weeks. In order to prepare for the ideation process, you must ask your team to have a hold on the pulse of your target audience and specialty at all times. Only if you and your content staff stay current on the most recent developments in the niche can this be accomplished.

Draft ideas

Make a list of concepts that are ideal for developing in-depth content pertaining to your niche based on your preparation. There are several tools available that you may use to focus on concepts that you believe will appeal to your audience.

Curate concepts

Consider that you have ten ideas that you believe should be pursued. Excellent! Now you must curate these, concentrating just on the concepts you are reasonably confident will result in a spectacular piece of writing.

Finalize ideas

Three to four ideas with the potential for epic content will remain after you finish the filtering process.

2. Analysis

To find the data and numbers you need to back up the arguments you’ll be making in the content piece, you’ll need to consult a variety of sources. The best sources for research are surveys, infographics, podcasts, videos, news sites, forums, publications, etc.

3. Clarify the content format

When you’re through, decide which content format will help you make the most of your content ideas, related research, and subject knowledge. Additionally, consider the audience’s tastes and whether the format will allow you to fully express your idea.

You must take into account two factors when selecting the best content format. The first is your level of familiarity with the format; for instance, if you’ve decided to make an infographic, you should be able to do so with minimum effort.

Finding content forms with evidence of their efficacy is the second step. Consider it as a delicate balancing act that you must complete while keeping in mind various factors.

4. Defining content structure

One of the process’s crucial steps is this one. The main topics you want to address must be listed in a content wire frame along with their flow. This makes sure you don’t overlook anything really necessary for leaving a lasting impact on the target audience. Keep your research in mind while you build the framework of your content, and incorporate crucial information into this wire frame. Again, this ensures that you include every crucial detail in your article.

The format you choose will determine how your material is structured. A blog article will have a framework that is very different from a video.

5. Inventing

You should come up with attention-grabbing names for your content item, regardless of whether it’s a blog post, info graphic, video, or something else. To increase the likelihood that your material will become viral, your titles must be both clickable and searchable.

Short, targeted titles are quite effective, but they must clearly state the content’s deliverables. Users must understand what advantages they will receive from reading your material.

Once the title is out of the way, you can begin creating the material itself. This information must support the title you have chosen.

6. Examining

Testing your material is the following stage. Ensure that those who have a stake in its success carefully review it. It’s crucial to gather their opinions and incorporate any suggestions for improvements. Once they have finished reading your content, give these “testers” a questionnaire to complete. To find out if:

  • The information may be read.
  • Perfect user flow was used.
  • They recognized the ideas you were attempting to convey.
  • At any point, the content became out of focus.
  • This information was valuable.
  • They’ll spread this information among their followers and pals.
  • They didn’t like something about the content.
7. Clarify

The process is completed by taking a brief break from the content component. Take another look at it after waiting one or two days.

Can you make it any better still?

Keep in mind that you previously made the adjustments that others advised you to. However, you might still come across one or two sentences that you wish to modify or add a source that you think supports a claim you’ve made.

Wrapping Up

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