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Contactless Sanitizer Dispensers: Features to Look For & How to Buy

Due to the impact of coronavirus and other deadly bacteria the use of hand sanitizers has become mandatory at each and every place. 

A variety of hand sanitizers and dispensers are available in the market with certain features and characteristics making it an eligible product for commercial and non-commercial places. 

There are manual dispensers and automatic dispensers having a number of features that make it one of the eligible products for your washrooms and kitchens. 

Contactless sanitizer dispensers are an essential need for everyone. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while you buy a sanitizer machine. 

Features to Look For 

While buying a sanitizer dispenser you need to look for a number of features that will make it a right pick for the place where you are installing it. Here are some of the characteristics that you need to look for while you buy the dispenser.

Durable and Sturdy

The first characteristic that you need to look for is its durability. The material that is used to make the dispenser should be hard and shouldn’t be easily breakable. They are usually sturdy and durable, having fewer chances to get damaged. 

You can opt for a portable hand sanitizer dispenser or can mount it on the wall depending upon the place where you are willing to install it.

The durability also depends on its usage. So while you are buying a dispenser make sure that it is made from stainless steel or strong and durable ABS plastic.   

Contactless sanitizer dispensers

Another desirable feature should be that it must be touchless. A contactless sanitizer is more favorable and reliable to use as compared to the manual ones that need to be pushed or squeezed every time you want to use it.

 If you are choosing it for personal use then you can opt for the manual one as only your family members are going to use it.

But if you are willing to install it in the office premises or at workplaces then you should undoubtedly choose the touchless sanitizer dispensers that are easily refillable. 


One good thing about an automatic sanitizer dispenser is that it is totally hygienic and safe to use for kids and adults anytime and anywhere. 

They are easy to use, you just need to put your hand below the dispenser and it will automatically provide you the right amount of sanitizer from which you can clean your hands properly making it germs and bacteria-free. 

Apart from this it even keeps the surrounding clean and tidy as the sanitizer does not spill or waste when it is not in use. It can be easily used by a number of people without any effort.     

Modern Appeal

Either its a manual dispenser or an automatic dispenser each one of them are available in a variety of designs and shapes from which you can choose the most likely one.

Nowadays the dispensers are available in a wide variety of designs that gives the place a tremendous appeal. 

The dispensers are mounted at different places and in different areas that can be the main door of the office, in restrooms, in the kitchen or in other high traffic areas where installing a sanitizer is necessary. It makes the place look more appealing and ideal. 

Low Maintenance contactless sanitizer dispensers

The sanitizer dispenser requires less maintenance and it is a one time investment. The sensor and some amazing features of the sanitizer make it one of the most desirable products for everyday use. 

The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser offers you zero contact, a touchless experience, no wastage and spill-proof characteristics.

It provides you with a standard quantity of sanitizer. The dispenser can be filled with gel-based sanitizer, liquid sanitizer or foam-based hand sanitizer whichever you like. 

How to Buy a Sanitizer Dispenser

While buying a sanitizer dispenser you should first know how to buy it. Keep in mind the area for where you are going to buy it. Choose the right capacity as per the place where you are installing it. For low traffic areas, the tabletop dispenser is the right choice.

 It can be a 200ml or 300 ml capacity dispenser that can be kept in your washroom or near the main door so that whenever someone enters the home they first sanitize their hands and then enter the house. 

If you are buying it for high traffic areas such as malls, industries, factories, hospitals, and office premises then you should choose a large capacity dispenser having at least one-liter capacity so that you don’t need to refill it again and again. 

Mount it at the right place so that everyone can reach it easily and can sanitize their hands whenever needed. Choose the one that can be easily operated and is easy to manage. 

Places to mount Contactless sanitizer dispensers

Here are some of the places where installing a hand sanitizer is very important. 


You spend your entire day at the office and therefore keeping precautions there is very important.

An automatic and contactless sanitizer dispenser is eligible for workplaces as many people visit there in a day and they may have germs and bacterias present on their hands, therefore installing it at workplaces is mandatory.   


Places that require proper hygiene and cleanliness are hospitals and clinics. Large number of patients and people visit there in a day.

Installing a sanitizer dispenser machine there seems to be important. So do mount a large capacity sanitizer dispenser in hospitals and clinics to keep the place properly hygienic. 

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Railways and Airports

Whenever you enter there you should sanitize your hands properly before going inside the transport. You should also keep a small sanitizer in your bag to use it in emergencies. 

Before buying a sanitizer look for all the points mentioned above so that you can choose the most eligible one that is suitable for the places. You can get tons of dispensers online buy which fits according to your need.

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