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Concrete Paver Molds Crafts – 5 Crazy Ideas You Need To Implement

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the recipe for making concrete was forgotten for a thousand years. Concrete is a material undeservedly trivialized by civilization because it gives the interior an exclusive appearance. All components of concrete paver molds are natural.

Such furniture made of reinforced concrete is affordable, has a long service life, is environmentally friendly, is not susceptible to scratches and grease, and is highly durable. But fragile objects break when dropped on a concrete surface, and it also does not have much mobility. German designer Rainer Spehl is able to surprise with a non-standard approach to materials. A 2-meter long remote work surface gives additional storage space for kitchen utensils and pleasant communication. German designer Milena Monssen. In such a kitchen it is pleasant to cook and to laze around:

“At the end of the work surface, I have provided a bench for those who prefer cooking communication, – says Milena. The glass has a concrete bottom and a glass top. Price $ 18 per piece. Thomas Linssen.

The Dutch school of concrete design is already present here. concrete sinks German designer Valentin Loellmann makes unique wardrobes and dressers combining the rough charm of concrete and natural wood.

The production of concrete dishes is much more environmentally friendly than porcelain.

Kalo concrete dishes can be washed in the dishwasher Another French passionate about concrete is studio Xiral Segard, which produces candlesticks, dishes and lamps from this concrete paver molds material.

Concrete Wine Coasters from Concrete Revolution.

Since concrete by its nature has poor thermal conductivity, such supports do not allow the wine to overheat. Midwest Media and Marketing proposes to decorate the tree with toys made of concrete this year. Next master class)) The toy itself is very simple to make. First, an aluminum ring is taken, it is ground, and then several rivets are inserted into it. The ring is concrete paver molds poured with concrete, then dipped in acid so that its boring gray color takes on a huge number of different shades. Each toy packing in white tissue paper and in its own box, the design of which is also carefully thought out.

The Taiwanese design studio 22 design studio, which specializes in accessories made of concrete, has presented a novelty – a concrete wall clock. Every hour is a kind of “step” leading into the depths of the watch case.

Therefore, the company calls its novelty “4D watch”.

“To add a touch of flavor,” says Jeff Kudrick of J&M Lifestyles, “we made the fronts of the desk drawers out of 19mm fiberglass reinforced concrete and decorated the drawers with pewter handles.” A gray dye was added to the concrete for the fronts of the drawers, and a darker concrete paver molds dye was added to the concrete for the table top. To achieve the required gloss, Jeff Kudrik first polished the concrete with an 800 grit (18 micron) diamond tool, then applied an acrylic sealant, and then polished the surface with a 4000 grit (3 micron) abrasive tool.

“This is a high quality type of coating. But the most interesting object in the office is the bookshelves, which look like small hanging bridges. The shelves can support the weight of 4 people. “

The Indian company Kamat & Rozario Architecture used concrete rings, commonly used for plumbing, to create huge bookcases, two concrete rings are connected to each other, and plywood shelves are used as shelves. “Industrial chic” The Italian studio Modulnova considered that kitchen furniture should look monumental, like a screw-cutting lathe in a factory floor, or like a slab of an obelisk in memory of a working dynasty. In general, industrially!

The surface becomes smooth and silky, reminiscent of natural stone, but with a pleasant warmth. In addition, such a coating is resistant to wear and tear and is durable. Kitchen Design Trend – Concrete 12 Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch came up with this building material for the body of the lighting fixture. It will perfectly highlight your creativity and unconventional approach Candles Solid set, designed by London designer Magnus Pettersen Israeli student Shmuel Linski from Shenkar Design College created an unusual espresso machine.

He also came up with real concrete columns Exposed.

The new perfume line from Alexa Lixfeld intrigues not only with its three unique fragrances. But also with its original packaging Massive concrete pots of strict geometric shapes perfectly emphasize the beauty of simple plants. The master class is easy to find on the Internet What to do with 100-watt bulbs? Clothes hangers! The smaller it is, the stronger the hanger will be, and its surface will look like glass.

Bored with colorful wallpapers?

The Norwegian designers at Concrete Wall know how to solve your problem. The company presents a collection of “concrete” vinyl wallpaper that will satisfy the tastes of the most discerning buyers. To create a collection of these wallpapers, Concrete Wall took photographs almost all over Norway. Italian designers from LucidiPevere Design Studio presented their new project made of concrete. The Aplomb pendant lamp, designed especially for the Italian brand Foscarini.

What can be done with concrete

Concrete crafts for the garden and home over the past few years have become a real trend among people who are selflessly in love with needlework. There are many reasons for this, and in general, they are all obvious: the cheapness of the material and ease of use provide a wide range of possibilities for creating decor for home and garden. A variety of vases and stands, dishes and decorative stones, benches and chairs, flower pots and whole flower beds – if you have inspiration, you can make a lot of the most incredible things out of concrete with your own hands.

Haven’t tried it yet?

It doesn’t matter, which means that the best time for the first experiments is today. Rustle in the closet – there must be a quarter of a bag of cement left after the last renovation work. Fine! More, in fact, nothing is needed, and if you need something, you can easily find it at home. Get inspired by our selection of cool concrete ideas and create beauty with your own hands!

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