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Computer Repair Tips to Speed up Your Slow Computer

If you are like most people, your computer will be the first thing that you “talk” to in the morning and last thing at night. This is for many people today our financial support and lifeline. It can be frustrating when the pace is slower than my husband’s computer repairs.

Its leaders are your reliable resource for PC and Mac computer repair and service tamworth. Its leaders have the expertise to fix any problems you might have with your computer.

We have some tips for you if you’re Windows 7 or 10 computers are slowing down. This will save you frustrations and anger, maintain blood pressure and help you get back on track.

Tips to speed up your computer

  1. Programs: Stop using it – Uninstall it

Pre-installed programs are often included with new PCs. They slow down your computer and add to it. This is commonly referred to as junkware, clayware, or bloatware and is often used to advertise for the person who bought your computer.

This could be a joint effort of a big box store with a software company. These can accumulate over time on old computers. These are often unnecessary and run in the background without your knowledge. They slow down your computer.

These steps will remove bloatware from your computer, whether it was installed on the day that you bought it or later: Start>Control Panel>Programs & Features. Scroll down to the end of the list and uninstall any that you don’t need. Software programs can be used to help you decide which are most useful for you.

  1. Temporary:

Your computer’s history is saved every time you surf the Internet. Unneeded “trash,” which is anything that has been installed on your computer, can remain and take up space and slow down your computer. These steps will get rid of the “packaging”: My Computer>Main Drive>Windows>Temp, then right-click on the temp folder, choose options, and select Details. After you’re done, go to options and choose Details. Next, empty the Recycle Bin.

  1. The Drive: Strong and Solid

The hard drive may be the reason your computer takes so long to turn on and boot up. It takes longer for moving parts to move because there are so many moving parts. Flash memory can be used to read data faster and get your computer up and running quicker.

  1. Storage

No matter how clean and neat your computer is, it will still slow down your computer. This is especially true if you record a lot of video and media. 

  1. Start-up: Get rid of unnecessary ones

Automatic programs are activated every time your computer is turned on. You don’t need them to be running every day. You can get rid of any that you don’t need with these steps: Start>> Type RUN> in the box, type MSConfig> Click “startup tab” to uncheck those that aren’t essential for your day. You can leave the antivirus alone.

  1. RAM: Increase It

Are you able to use multiple applications at once, such as your email, internet browser, Word, and Excel? Do you find your computer slows down when switching between applications? This problem can be fixed by upgrading RAM at a low price.

  1. Defrag: Run Disk Defragment

Although it sounds frightening, it’s not. This is a simple way to increase the efficiency of your hard disk. 

  1. Disk: Run a Clean-Up

These steps will help you clean out your computer.

Start>All Programs>Accessories> System Tools>Disk Cleanup

  1. Dust: Vacuum and Dust

Regular vacuuming and dusting of your computer are essential. Computers can collect a lot of dust from the cooling fan, which can clog the airflow. Computers work best when they are cold. To prevent your computer from overheating or slowing down, you need to maintain a clear airflow.

After waiting for 30 minutes, turn off your computer. Use your household vacuum to remove dust from your computer. Canister air can also be used to blow out dust every other week.

  1. Get a New Computer

It may be time for a new computer if your computer is getting older. Tablets are the current hottest thing. This means that computers, their components, desktops, and laptops are much cheaper than they were a few years back.

About Mobile PC Medics

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