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Compelling Reasons To Adding Twitter Feeds on Website

In this past decade, we all have noticed that social media presence has become a must for every brand and organization. Whether it is small or large, having a social media presence is to become the measurement of the success of the industries. 

Now when brands are making aggressive efforts to promote and build a strong presence on social media platforms, they successfully build a huge empire and a pretty good reputation on social media. 

Have you ever thought of using social media posts on your website? Displaying social media posts on the website helps in increasing the awareness, engagement, and social proof of your brand and website with audiences who are not connected with you on social media platforms. 

You might be present over multiple social media platforms. Here we are telling you some major reasons to add Twitter feeds on websites for some exceptional results. 

Key Reasons Why Should Add Twitter Feeds On Website

#1 Create Connection With Audience

Most of the website is static and does not contain any expressions and feelings. Adding Twitter Feeds gives your website content a humanized touch, easily connecting with the emotions of your website visitors. 

More than brand-created content, people easily comprehend the language of humans. As Twitter is one of the social media platforms with the largest number of active users, there is a huge amount of content that you can use on your website. 

Adding social media feeds on your website, adding humanized and realistic content on your website. 

#2 Boost Social Presence With Wide Audience

As people who reach on your website may not be aware of your social media accounts. Whether you are running aggressive social media campaigns, there are still higher chances that your visitors never know about your social media accounts. 

Adding social media from your Twitter and other social media channels links your website visitors with the official social media accounts. You might be thinking of what if you add social media icons on the website? Of course, you can do that, but data shows that rarely website visitors click on the social media icons on the website. Hence, social media posts from channels like Twitter connect your visitors with your brand’s official social media accounts.

#3 Build Link Between Twitter Page & Website

Specifically adding Twitter feeds on the website, give your audience the direct link to your Twitter Page. For example, instead of adding a Twitter icon button, you directly place the Twitter posts from your Twitter page with a link that directly takes your visitors to your Twitter accounts.

It is also an easy method to grow the number of followers on your social media page. People who visit your website are more likely to know more about your business than the people you are trying to and asking to follow your social media account.  

#4 Improve SEO and Ranking 

Google is the biggest search engine worldwide, and billions of people use this to find the information. Also, as millions of websites are stored in the search engine database, the top-ranked websites are only those that provide the most relevant, useful, and authoritative information. 

Hence, linking social media feeds on your website increases the social proof of your website and increases your brand’s authority. 

Showcasing unique, interactive, and engaging content on your website adds up in the factor to the effective and relevant website. 

Adding Twitter feeds with the help of the Twitter Feed Plugin also helps you add responsive Twitter feeds, enhancing visitors’ experience on your website. 

#5 Enhance Social Media Marketing

Adding Twitter feeds will improve your website content, layout, and design, but it also enhances the social media marketing of your brand as lots of people who like to engage with your content are only limited to the website and never know about your social media accounts. 

Hence, adding Twitter feeds on your website directly contributes to promoting the social media content you create to engage your social media fans and followers. 

#6 Increase Users Engagement On Website

Last, but not least, website owners struggle with increased bounce rates. They are trying to add unique and engaging elements to their website, but not much better results have been noticed. 

However, adding Twitter feeds and social feeds on the website grabs visitors’ attention. And entices them to explore more social media posts, increasing visitor engagement on the website. Resulting in a lower bounce rate. Hence, another big reason to increase your website authority and ranking on the search engines. 

So What’s In The Box For You!

As we can clearly see, Twitter feeds are increasingly important to boost brand visibility and social proof. Beautifully showing Twitter feeds on your website will give you all the benefits as mentioned above. Moreover, when the competition is continuously growing, it is tough for brands to stand out from their competition.  

Offering your website visitors with the unique and socially appraised content will boost the affinity of the brand with the potential audience. 

You can simply add Twitter feeds with the help of the social media aggregator tools that are easily accessible on  the internet. They are cost-effective tools and ease your work by displaying these feeds on your website in less than a minute. 

If you select the right tool, you will have features like customization, moderation, and automatic real-time update of feeds. It is very important to create and manage the appropriate Twitter feeds on your website. 

Moreover, there are free tools also available with which you can showcase the Twitter feeds without disturbing your pocket.

Wrapping Up!

When everyone is busy creating the online marketing strategy. You can start by enhancing your website with vibrant, popular, attractive, and engaging content on your website. Grab all of your Twitter feeds and curate them to make an appealing and interactive Twitter Feed widget. 

If you are struggling with visitor retention, this is what helps you increase your website’s relationship. Adding Twitter and social media feeds on the website enhances the relevancy. And magnificently keeps the audience engrossed throughout the website.

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