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Comparing Moving Estimates: your way to it

Moving home is an exciting time as you get a chance to start afresh at a new place and around new people. No matter if you are moving home due to professional reasons or have bought a new house, the process of moving is not as exciting as the move itself. With all the dreams of your new life in your eyes, the hard work related to your move seems all the more overwhelming. The first most important step to have a smooth moving experience is to find the right moving company. Though there are plenty of professional moving companies in the market, it is hard to find the right moving company with the best services.

Choose the Best

Do not make the mistake of hiring just any random moving company as you will have to trust them with the household goods that you have gathered throughout your life. Make sure you hire a reputable yet affordable moving company to become your moving partner. To get the best moving quotes, you have to ask the best moving companies. It is important to compare the moving quotes of at least three moving companies to get the best. If you are confused on how to compare the moving companies, here we present some important factors that you should consider while comparing the moving companies that have provided you with moving quotes.

Compare Moving Quotes

To compare your selected professional moving companies, the first thing that you should have in hand is the moving estimate provided by each of them. Ask your selected moving companies to provide you a free moving estimate and to do that make sure you can in their representatives to have an on-site visit. A company surveyor can assess your goods properly during an in-person visit before quoting you any price. Once inspected the house, the company surveyor will be able you provide you with an accurate moving estimate after noting all the items that require special packing or handling and heavy items. They also consider the type of labor required, for instance, if you live on a higher floor with no lift in the building, the company will charge extra.

Now, that you have got several moving estimates from your selected companies, you can compare them based on the services and prices quoted by them. 

Compare Rate

Sticking to your budget is the first rule to have a successful move so it is important to compare the rates of your chosen moving companies. You would like to pay the least price possible and that is obvious as money is one important factor in deciding the right moving company. Moving companies charge on an hourly basis in case of a local move while in case of a long-distance move, the companies quote a fixed amount that depends upon the size of your shipment and distance to be moved. Your final moving price will also be influenced by the additional services taken by you. Though you may get tempted to select the moving company with the lowest moving estimate, it is wise to compare some more factors to get the best services at the right price.

Compare Company Services

It is important to take a closer look at the services of your selected companies while comparing their moving quotes. It is often seen that people select a moving company based on the price quoted by them and end up repenting on choosing the one with the lowest rate. Different moving companies provide different services at their quoted price so make sure you know the services provided by your professional movers. Ask them to include the additional services in their written moving agreement to ensure transparency. All the services referred by the mover or chosen by you should be included in the final moving quotation and agreement to avoid any disagreement at the time of payment. For instance, some companies include disassembling of furniture in the moving estimate while others may charge extra even for such small work so make sure you discuss and get all the needed services in the written moving estimate.

Compare Company Reviews

Moving quotes are generally compared based on the price and services offered by them but it is important to know your chosen company a little more. You can know your moving company better with no extra effort as all you have to do is to check online reviews and ratings posted by its past customers. No matter how much you feel that you are getting the best services at the best rates, it is wise to know the experience of the company’s past customers to be sure of its services. Though it is human to make mistakes and you can expect a negative comment or two, a good moving company always make sure to keep its customers happy and to make sure you can check the response of the company on negative comments to know how it takes and handles criticism.

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