Common Reasons for Failing Your Mot Test

Without the support of certain utilities that come from progress and technology, managing our day to day tasks would be quite impossible. Right from waking up to going to bed, some way or the other, we use technology to further our work and other projects. It is important to understand that the usage of these gadgets, mot and technological assets depends upon our requirements.

With the constant progress in our daily lives and societal living, we depend more on these structures to make our work easier and swifter. Likewise, we use transportation to make all our travel logs easier and more comfortable. For long distances, we seek the benefits of trains, buses, and aeroplanes, which are easily accessible to the public without any difficulties. On the other hand, when it comes to travelling to nearby places, we use a personal mode of transportation.

Travelling to closer destinations includes commuting to work, going to scholarly institutions or simply going out for a bite of food. The different benefits make it a common necessity in most households. Getting a vehicle just does not mean revelling in its different uses, and we use a vehicle to complete our tasks and responsibilities.

However, a vehicle is a machine tool, and this means that it is bound to incur damages from time to time. Therefore, without receiving its timely maintenance, the vehicle will fail to function the way one wishes it to. Taking your car for regular car services and inspection will prove beneficial in the long run. This will increase the overall life of your vehicle and make it a better piece of machinery that will continually deliver efficiency without any issues.

There are various parts in a vehicle that will require time to time maintenance. Parts of the vehicle such as engine, tyres, and Brake Repair are just some of the key components that come under the scrutiny of inspection and check. Investing regularly in the maintenance and care of your vehicle will ultimately save you from paying a huge bill at the mechanics later on. This is why it is important to get the right repairs done at the right time.

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Since every vehicle needs to clear its MOT Mansfield to drive safely on the road, they should consider its needs. As said before, the car service will include the right inspection of all the key components of the car.

Similarly, an Car Repair Mansfield will also cover a thorough inspection of all the main parts of the vehicle. There are different parts of the vehicle that can result in the possible failure of the test, and some of them are as follows:


The brakes of the vehicle are extremely important for maintaining the safety of the vehicle. If there are any issues with the brakes, it can possibly endanger the safety of the vehicle, its passengers and that of everyone on the road as well. Therefore, one must pay attention to the telling signs of the brake that try to hint at the problem.

If there are any significant problems with the brakes, they will make squeaky sounds upon touching the brake pads. The tyres will have a hard time halting the road; this is why it is important to consider brake maintenance before heading for your next mot test.

In the mot test, the car inspector will take a thorough look at the condition of the brakes and then determine passing the vehicle. If there are any problems within the brake system, the vehicle will fail its mot test.


Tyres are yet another important part of the vehicle. Without the proper cooperation of the tyres, it will be difficult for the vehicle to make traction on the road and carry out its duties safely. Mainly, the tread is responsible for maintaining traction and grip on the road. However, one must consider other things about the tyres when heading for their mot test.

If the tyres have significantly low air pressure in them or if there are visible damages to the tyres such as punctures and cuts, the mot inspector will have no chance but to fail the vehicle in the test. Therefore, it is important to consider the performance of the tyres as well when going in for a mot test. The tyres also come under serious scrutiny as they can compromise the vehicle’s safety if performed in an inept way. If the tyres are not responsive enough, they may incur serious harm. This is why the conditions of the tyre matter so much in a mot test.

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