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Common Mistakes while Hiring Packers and Movers

Shifting to a new house is exciting and troublesome at the same time. Whether you have a small consignment or a big one, moving is a challenging process.

And due to this reason, many people can’t manage their relocation process. You are unaware of the challenges you may face at any stage.

Many people commit some silly mistakes while opting for packers and movers. They are not aware of choosing the leading packers and movers. They regret their wrong decisions later. New movers often commit these mistakes as they don’t have the required knowledge of the relocation process.

A few common mistakes people commit while hiring their packers and movers are:-

Not Researching the Mover

The first mistake the people commit is to choose the movers without researching them. Most people commit this mistake. They pick a mover without any proper research. These movers, however, turn out to be fraud movers. These packers and movers are not verified and licensed. They attract the customers just by quoting low packers and movers charges to them.

Many people fall prey to them. These movers only want money from the customers. They can go to any extent to get money from them. These fraud movers steal the goods of the customers during the relocation. They also refuse to move their goods and get money from the customers to deliver their belongings safely.

Not Hiring the Movers at the Right Moment

Hiring the Movers at the right time is extremely important to experience a successful move. Remember, there is a great demand for packers and movers these days. So, you shouldn’t waste your time at all. If you hire a mover at the last moment, you won’t be able to get the services of experienced movers.

So, if you want the moving services of verified moving companies, then hire the movers several weeks before your move. This way you can get the services of the reputed movers.

Getting Random Quotes

Another mistake people generally do while hiring the movers is not to get the quotes in writing. Many movers provide you their quotes over the phone. Well, this is not the correct way to offer quotes. These are random quotes and they don’t have any value.

Many fraud movers provide random quotes to the customers and many of you get into their trap. Later, they add several hidden prices in their final moving bill. So, you should stay away from this fraud while choosing your mover. Make sure not to pay attention to any random quote and get your quotes only in writing.

Most reputed movers consider many important factors before giving their quotes to the customers. Some of the factors that help the movers quote their prices are as follows:-

  • Volume of goods
  • Additional Items
  • Insurance Services
  • Storage Services
  • Size of Move
  • Size of Home, etc.

Not Reading the Contract

Some people don’t read the contract carefully. This is one of the biggest mistakes they do while hiring the movers. So, they miss important terms and conditions of the move. Also, the movers charge you high after the move if you don’t read the rates mentioned in the contract.

So, you must go through your contract carefully. Also, make sure to read about the insurance and other important terms and conditions.

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Not Asking about the Hidden Rates

Many people have to pay hidden prices after the completion of their shifting process. They are surprised to know about these hidden prices in their final bill. So, if you don’t want to pay these hidden prices, then ask about them in the beginning. The packers and movers charges are determined by various factors. So, they can’t force you to pay the hidden prices.

Not Asking about their Paperwork

The moving industry is disorganized. So, most people do not take care of asking for the required paperwork while dealing with the movers. However, it is the most important thing to check all the paperwork before booking your movers.

Make sure to go through all the important documents and understand all the terms and conditions mentioned in the quote.

So, you should be extra careful in checking whether everything related to your payment is mentioned in your final bill or not. Also, make sure to get the receipt of every service you get from your movers. You can remove any confusion by talking to your movers. Make sure to sign the contract after checking all the above important details.

Not Comparing the Quotes

Many people don’t compare the quotes of different packers and movers. They choose a mover without comparing their packers and movers charges. As a result, they fail to find a reliable mover. The mover they book turns out to be fraudulent. These types of movers quote high moving rates to the people. So, there is no use in hiring them.

The best way to choose a mover is by making a comparison of different quotes. You can also check their reviews and ratings to judge the best mover for your move.

Not Availing Insurance Facilities

Many people book the movers who do not offer the insurance facilities to the customers. The customers too do not want the insurance for their goods. These customers wish to save their money by not asking for the insurance facilities of the movers.

However, this is wrong on their part. An insurance facility is important to cover the damages to your goods. So, you should ask for an insurance facility from your mover. If a mover is not ready to give you the insurance facility, then do not choose that mover. This mover might be a fraud mover.

Not Asking the Questions

It is also important to ask questions from your movers. People commit mistakes in not asking a few important questions. There are so many questions you can ask from the packers and movers.

These questions might be related to the staff of the movers and their services. You can also enquire about the transportation services for your mover. This way, you will be able to judge your mover in an easy manner.


There are other mistakes that people commit while hiring their packers and movers. Hence, it is best to avoid these mistakes while hiring the packers and movers.

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