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Common Mistakes to avoid while preparing for Defence exam?

Defense exams need a committed and dedicated study pattern to ace the exam. Aspirant join cds coaching in chandigarh or nda coaching in chandigarh and invests their time and energy to prepare for the exam yet they are not able to ace the exam. They pursue full-time coaching with the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh or elsewhere.

 Some aspirants join the best CDS coaching in Chandigarh or nearby their locations to get the right approach and training for the exam. There are some mistakes that the aspirants do unknowingly and face failure in the exam.

Let us spotlight them and discuss the ways to overcome them before sitting for the upcoming Defense exam.


  • Thinking that exam is difficult

It is generally observed that aspirants develop an opinion that Defense exams are difficult. They develop fear and lose confidence. One should never think negatively while preparing for the exam. Nothing comes easy in life if it is a treasured one. Defense services are the most desired jobs of the country. One has to work hard and smart to ace it. If you feel low at any point in time, pick up a stick and start looking for the solution than to sit and cry. 

  • Taking difficult topic to be granted

Candidates ignore the difficult topics they encounter while preparing for the exam. It is not fair to ignore any of the topics. If you feel it is not in your reach, take a doubt session from a subject expert of the coaching you have joined. If you have covered the syllabus yet you find some difficulty in solving some questions, then join online coaching. An online coaching module is an ideal option for revision. It has short and précis video lectures. These lectures are easy to understand as it covers significant points related to the topic. It takes less time to understand as compared to the resource book. Hence, you have a solution to solve this problem. Do not ignore any topic rather revise it and then take a practice test.

  • Avoiding mathematics practice 

Learning the concepts of mathematics is easy but they become your assets if practiced a lot. Some aspirants think that it is not required. The students, who sit in the exam without practicing the mathematics topics, face a lot of problems and insecurity while attempting the final exam. The aspirants should buy the best online test series for Defense exams and take one practice test daily. Get it assessed by the experts to get the right direction for the difficult topics. Focus more on the weak topics identified in the practice test and revise them frequently. 

  • Having poor English 

The English section of defense exams demands a good knowledge of the basic grammar rules and vocabulary. The candidates with poor English right from their school times generally ignore it thinking it to be a HARD NUT TO CRACK. But one should not ignore it as it is the ultimate tool to ace the exam. You have a group discussion where your language command works wonders. Improve your English by reading a lot of newspapers, magazines, articles, and books to understand the right use and the sentence structure. Practice all the grammar rules-based questions from the question bank of Defense exams. Buy the latest edition of the question bank either online or offline test series and practice them a lot. 

  • Use the best and competitive study material

Do not save some pounds and compromise on sub-standard study material to prepare for the exam. Remember that you are going to sit in a competition, not in a class test. Take highly competent and comprehensive study material based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus of Defense exams. Study the basics from the resource books and study material. Read the chapters thoroughly and understand them to get the right knowledge. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing, do not play with your career, and follow the right study material to ace the exam with flying colors. If you will take any book which does not cover the syllabus, it will not give you the expected outcomes. You will face failure and lose confidence eventually. 

These are some of the common mistakes that aspirants do while preparing for defense and other government job exams. They are inclined to commit such mistakes irrespective of the fact that they have joined the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh or the best CDS coaching in Chandigarh. It is an inbuilt instinct that cannot be taught or practiced. Keep your spirits high and move towards perfection. Always think positively than taking a back seat while preparing for the exam. 

All the best!!

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