Common Mistakes To Avoid During Car Crash Claim

When you are injured in a road accident, how you react in that uneasy

the situation decides whether you will get fair compensation for the damage or not. Sometimes people lose their temper and make the situation worse. Nobody wants to get hurt in a road accident, but you should know all the steps of what to do if any such mishap occurs. From not calling the police to settling with the other driver, there are many mistakes people commonly make after a collision.

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This blog will tell you what not to do when your car crashes on the road.

Avoiding Reaching the Police

If you call the police on time, the police officer can gather all the documents and correct proof of the incident. This evidence can help you in claiming the compensation. If you don’t call the police, then even the jurisdiction and insurance company can doubt you and ask questions about why you didn’t call the police. So it is important to inform the police after a car crash.

Admitting that you are guilty

You can think that it’s good to resolve things with the other driver, and you accept that it’s your fault to settle things down. No insurance company will advise you to apologise on the site of a car accident. Anything can affect your case negatively. So when you know it’s your fault even then don’t admit it on the spot.

Failing to collect proof

It is important to click pictures and collect evidence of everything on the site. These pictures will help your insurance company to claim compensation.

The pictures should include:

  • Licence plates of your car and the other vehicle
  • The location where the accident happened
  • The damage happened to the car
  • Injuries if any

All the pieces of evidence will work in your favour. So do not miss taking pictures of the incident.

Settling with the other driver

Commonly, the other driver will request you to settle the case, and he might offer a certain amount of money. This money can look good until you calculate the total expenses you are going to make including your recovery and car repair. So you should not take funds from the other person. It is always advised to contact your insurance company when such a mishap happens.

Taking too long to file the case

As they say, the sooner, the better. When you know that there is a huge amount of damage done to you and your vehicle then you should not take much time filing a claim. There is a three-year time limit to apply for a personal injury claim in The United Kingdom from the date of the accident.

Not hiring an experienced solicitor

Do not assume that your insurance company will always be on your side. There can be many reasons why you can fail to claim personal injury compensation. So it’s better to hire an experienced solicitor who will guide you throughout the process and make you aware of any mistakes.

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A serious car accident can cost you a lot of physical and financial damage, but to avoid that you can apply for a car accident claim. The sooner you apply, the more the probability of getting maximum compensation.

To get the highest out of your case you should take proper actions and keep in mind to consult the right advisor. In this blog, you will read how to get the maximum out of your car accident claim.

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Collect every piece of evidence from the site

Your evidence plays a major role in filling the claim. The court will make its decision based on proof. So make sure you collect all the evidence from the collision site.

This includes photographs of the site, crash, injuries, medical report, licence plates of both the vehicles and identity proof and contact information of everyone involved in the incident.

The stronger your proof is, the better the chances to win the case.

Work according to the claim filing rules 

You might believe that insurance companies will be on your site, but that’s not the case. They will try to find every reason that minimises your compensation or even deny your claim. If you don’t apply according to the deadlines and do not provide the correct documents, then your insurance company will close the case with minimum compensation. So follow all the rules correctly and work according to the rules.

Value your claim completely

There are many damages one can go through after an accident. Some people are not aware of the type of claims. You can claim compensation for all kinds of damages.

Don’t apologise or admit your fault 

When you have contacted your or the other driver’s insurance company, do not accept your fault. It is strictly advised not to apologise at the crash site. Try avoiding giving any such statements that can place the blame on you. If you apologise on the spot, then you can lose the chance of claiming compensation. Let the fault and liability remain unknown until the court proves anything.

Don’t settle on the first offer 

Your insurance company can convince you by saying that this is their final offer and may force you to accept the settlement. But do not believe such statements. You can politely decline an offer and hire an attorney to handle your case with all the negotiations.

Consult an advisor and handover them the case

To get the most out of your claim, you should hire a personal injury advisor. They can help you in getting the maximum settlement. They also take the burden of dealing with the insurance company. When you hire an attorney, it strengthens your case and no one can take advantage of you.

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