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Common Issues with Asus Router and How to Fix not working is a serious level bugger, no matter how much we stay fond of amazing Asus wifi routers. If it comes to the core, then we have to accept that no issues or errors are loved by anyone. They just make the experience hell. The second thing is; that there is no device in the world right now that doesn’t cause issues.

The only trick is to get out of them or just to treat them. That is what we do with the Asus wifi routers too. Whatever issues they have, how common in nature or how big – all can be treated. That is why today we will be talking, learning, and troubleshooting the common issues that we face with Asus wifi routers. Plus, in the end, we will be looking at the resetting process of Asus routers because that is the endgame. When nothing works, resetting works.

Common issues with Asus Router 

The common issues one faces with the Asus wifi routers are mentioned here, along with the most talked about issue. That issue is not working. So, we will be learning about that in detail, too, with other commonly occurring issues. not working – 

There can be a number of reasons why the error not working occurs. First of all, we will be ensuring that all the cable, power, and network connections are fine. Secondly, we will be looking if all the things are updated timely. Inclusive of your Asus router, operating system, and the browser because that can be troublesome. Clear the cluttered data of your browser, too, such as cache and cookies.

Before all of this, run the default IP address of, and also try restarting the router. If nothing works for the issue of not working, then you may reset the router. When nothing works, resetting does work.

Asus router not working – 

In case your Asus router is not working, even if the router is powered on and there is no power LED light indication. Please, ensure the fact that you have a proper electricity supply because these machines need a proper power charge to work on.

If the power charge is fine, just reset the router. That is needed. That does not make it fine. Call the Asus router support or just go to the store from where you bought the router. Buy an upgraded version, but before that, you can contact us. Maybe we will be able to help you.

Asus Router Slow Internet Speed – 

The slow speed of the Asus router issue occurs only due to two reasons. The first reason is slow data or internet speed; for that just contact your internet service provider because only he will be able to help you.

Second is the cluttered data, either in the transmission lane or the cluttered data on your browser. Always clear the cookies and cache file. Always reboot the router within a month or within the period of a month and a half. Reboot your devices timely, and they always have this requirement because routers also have a capacity.

Signal Drop-down at Random Intervals – 

When the signal dropdown occurs but at random intervals, not at specific intervals. Then, you are facing an error that is called the intermittent error. In case of intermittent error, you need to check what the disturbances are in the pathway of the network between the Asus router and your operating system.

The disturbances or obstacles are such as thick walls, electronic devices, and microwaves. Obviously, you cannot move walls, but you can move other devices. Then, sir do move them and sort this error. Or another thing is you can just move your operating device a bit closer to the Asus router. If you can do it, just do.

Blinking red light issue on Asus wifi router – 

The blinking red light issue on your Asus wifi router means that the connection between the router and the modem is weakened. In such case, kindly check the connection or power cycle them to make it fine.

Secondly, have a look at the ethernet cord because these cords or cables can go loose and that affects the connection. Also check if the cable is worn out or torn off from any point. If it is the case, replace it. Always keep some extra ethernet cables at your reach. They are of usage at many places.

How to reset Asus router? 

If the case is you can access the Asus router’s data then, do back it up. Even if it is not that important, do it just in case. In case you cannot access that, it is fine just run it to the default factory settings mode. Whatever the issues were, they will be sorted. Even to the worst-case scenario, we are here for your help.

  1. Ensure the Asus router is properly powered on by its power LED indicator light.
  2. Now there is a reset button on the back of it, press and hold it as per the LED behavior.
  3. About approximately twenty seconds, let it go only as per LED instructions.
  4. Restart it and it is as new as it came from the store.

That is how you perform the resetting of the Asus router. That is the endgame we were talking about. We hope the issue is sorted by now, and you must be using your amazing Asus router just as you were using it before.


Coming to a conclusion, we sincerely hope that you are no longer facing any kind of issue such as not working, signal dropdowns, or any such error with your Asus router setup. Enjoy your Asus router network.

In case you feel like you still haven’t sorted all of the issues or the issues that you were facing. Then, do not worry. Just reach out to us through the chat window mentioned on the website (LINK). All you need to do is to drop a text to us whenever you want. We are always available.


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